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Kickstart your postgraduate study journey at a fraction of the price – Deakin's industry-recognised short online courses are more accessible than ever, thanks to the Federal Government's higher education relief package.

Applications close 5 July! Don't miss this chance to secure your place in the future of work.

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Upskill in your downtime

To support those wanting to upskill or retrain during the COVID-19 crisis, Deakin University, with assistance from the Federal Government, is discounting a range of premium online short courses in areas of strong national job growth. Deakin's online graduate certificates in architecture and buildingteaching, health and information technology provide you with the practical skills and knowledge to begin an exciting new career or as a stepping stone to further studies. The subsidy is only available for this upcoming trimester, so apply before 5 July to avoid missing out.

The courses include:

Information technology

Open up employment opportunities in a constantly evolving industry and contribute to the way we work, socialise, communicate and entertain ourselves.

Graduate Certificate of Information Systems

Start online in July
Work in a globally significant field where you'll implement cutting-edge technologies to solve business problems. Follow your passion for new technologies by gaining a strong technical background in specific areas of eBusiness and supply chain management.

Employment opportunities
Business analyst, IT consultant, project manager, security analyst and much more.

Pathway into:
Master of Information Systems

$2500 $13,900

Course code: M522C

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Graduate Certificate of Artificial Intelligence

Start online in July
Develop specialist knowledge and be equipped to work on the design, development and operation of software solutions involving AI across a broad range of industries.

Employment opportunities
Machine learning engineer, AI product manager, data scientist and much more.

Pathway into:
Master of Applied Artificial Intelligence
Master of Applied Artificial Intelligence (Professional)

$2500 $13,900

Course code: S536C

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Graduate Certificate of Data Analytics

Start online in July
Data analysts are in high demand as organisations increasingly rely on skilled specialists to unlock hidden patterns in big data to provide strategic advantage in the competitive business world.

Employment opportunities
Analytics programmer, data scientist, predictive modeller, systems designer and much more.

Pathway into:
Master of Data Science

$2500 $13,900

Course code: S576C

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Graduate Certificate of Cyber Security

Start online in July
In today’s digital world, cyber-attacks are becoming everyday occurrences. Cyber security professionals are employed to protect organisations from cyber-attacks and are in high demand.

Employment opportunities
IT security engineer, law enforcement, project manager, cyber security analyst and much more.

Pathway into:
Master of Cyber Security

$2500 $10,100

Course code: S535C

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Master your future

Our graduate certificates are the first step to securing a masters degree in your chosen field. Deakin's discounted short courses provide a unique opportunity to begin your postgraduate study journey towards success for a fraction of the usual cost.*


Enhance the skills of teachers and other professionals involved in developing positive learning environments and rich educational opportunities for students with diverse educational needs.

Graduate Certificate of Specialist Inclusive Education

Start online in July
Develop advanced knowledge of contemporary education issues and graduate with high-level critical and evaluative skills.

Employment opportunities
Support, teaching and principal roles specialising in inclusive education.

Pathway into:
Master of Specialist Inclusive Education

$1250 $12,500

Course code: E544C

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Architecture and building

Launch your career in one of the world's most dynamic industries as the imperative for sustainable development continues to grow.

Graduate Certificate of Construction Management

Start online in July
Using a case-based approach to learning, develop the knowledge needed to commence a career in a variety of roles as a construction professional.

Employment opportunities
Project engineer, project manager, estimator and much more.

Pathway into:
Master of Construction Management (Professional)


Course code: S591C

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Progressive, real-world learning. Online.

Digital is in our DNA, with 40 years of experience in distance and online learning. Invest in your skills by studying one of our industry-led online short courses, and secure your place in the future of work alongside our dynamic community of 60,000+ online learners.

Allied health

Build a rewarding career that can make a genuine difference to people's quality of life. One in five Australians have a disability, so you'll be ready to join a rapidly growing sector.

Graduate Certificate of Disability and Inclusion

Start online in July
Develop advanced knowledge of contemporary education issues and graduate ready to apply your skills with the many roles needed through the NDIS rollout.

Employment opportunities
Specialist roles in the disability, human service and community workforce.

Pathway into:
Master of Disability and Inclusion

$2500 $12,400

Course code: H508C

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How to apply

When you're ready to start your application, you should read the course page carefully to understand the entry requirements and any supporting documents required upon application.

To apply, log into the Course and Scholarship Applicant Portal, or create a new account if you're a first-time user, and start progressing through the steps.

For step two, search for your chosen course's code as stated above, ensuring it ends in the letter 'C' to guarantee the government-subsidised fee is applied.

You'll also need to ensure 'Cloud (online) study' is selected under attendance mode, as the discounted price is only applicable to online study.

After reviewing your responses, click 'submit' to complete your application.

If you have any questions about the application process, get in touch with one of our friendly Future Student Advisers on 1800 693 888.

Study now, pay later

You may also be eligible for a HECS-HELP loan, which means the Federal Government will pay your tuition fees on your behalf until you're able to repay your loan from your employment income.

Your questions answered

The Federal Government’s Higher Education Relief Package (HERP) is supporting workers displaced by the COVID-19 crisis, who are looking to upskill or retrain, at the same time helping universities and other higher education providers to continue teaching.

What are the fees?

There are two maximum course fees under the Higher Education Relief Package. If you apply for the Graduate Certificate of Specialist Inclusive Education (E544C), the fee is $1250. All other discounted short course fees available at Deakin are up to $2500. If eligible, you are still able to defer payment of these fees through HECS-HELP. HECS-HELP is an Australian Government loan program that helps eligible Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) students pay their tuition fees.

What are the entry requirements?

The course page outlines all specific course entry requirements and any supporting documentation required upon application. Visit the course page for full information.

When do courses begin?

As part of the Higher Education Relief Package, you must commence studies in July (Trimester 2) and finish your course by early February (Trimester 3), or the fees will revert to the standard CSP rate.

Do I need to complete the short course by December?

All discounted short courses must be completed by February 2021. In some courses, you may be able to take two trimesters to complete your studies, commencing in July and finishing in February. Or you may be able to complete your studies in one trimester, which means you’ll be finished in just four months of study. Check the course details.

I’m currently studying one of Deakin’s discounted short courses. Am I able to pay this discounted rate?

This policy was introduced to support workers affected by the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis, and who are looking to upskill or retrain. Discounted student fees are only available to students starting one of the discounted short courses mid-year.

Are these courses available on campus or online?

Deakin’s discounted short courses will be taught online via the Cloud Campus – our premium online learning platform, backed by the top-ranked tech support in Australia.

*What will the fees be if I continue on with a masters degree?

Deakin’s graduate certificates are the first four units of the full masters degree, which means that while the discount applies to the graduate certificate only, the overall cost to achieve a masters degree will be significantly reduced. If you continue on with further studies, you will be charged the fees applicable at that time. All of Deakin’s approved discounted short courses offer a pathway to further studies.

I studied an undergraduate degree at Deakin, am I also eligible for the Alumni Postgraduate Bursary?

The Alumni Postgraduate Bursary is not available concurrently with the Higher Education Relief Package discount, but if you continue on with further studies in another degree you may be eligible for the discount.

Can I intermit my studies under the Higher Education Relief Package scheme?

Under the Higher Education Relief Package, studies need to be completed by early February 2021 to receive the discounted rate. If you intermit, you will be required to pay the full CSP rates applicable at that time for the remainder of your units.

If I am already enrolled in an approved Higher Education Relief Package course, commencing in Trimester 2, can I receive the discounted rate?

Yes, if commencing in Trimester 2, you will be eligible for the discounted fee.

*2019 Student Experience Survey, based on undergraduate students
#ARWU Rankings 2019
~According to the Voice Project IT Service Quality Support Benchmark Survey
^Australian Graduate Recruitment Industry Awards, 2017, 2018, 2019 winner
^^Australian Graduate Survey 2010–2015, Graduate Outcomes Survey 2016–2019 (GOS), Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT)