Tuition fee, fee refund and privacy policies

Tuition fee and refund policy for international students

Fees for international students apply to persons living in Australia with temporary resident status in a study program (provided that there is no stated limitation), and persons living abroad who are not Australian citizens and do not have permanent resident status in Australia.

These Policies comply with the Education Services for Overseas Students Act (ESOS Act 2000) and Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee's guidelines on fees for international students. They are subject to changes when the guidelines are reviewed by the Australian education authorities.

On-campus international students must meet Commonwealth Government guidelines for entry into Australia and enrolment at the University.

These Policies apply to all international on-campus students, irrespective of who pays the fees. They apply to commencing and continuing students and to those persons who have been offered a place in a course of study at the University.

International tuition fees are charged on a per unit basis according to the discipline cluster of the units studied. Rates will be set annually and enrolled students will be invoiced at the prevailing rate in each year of their study. Invoices will be issued each trimester.

The complete version of the Fees and Refund Policy is available online through The Guide.

This agreement does not remove the right to take further action under Australia's consumer protection law or pursue other legal remedies.

Fee liability

Students who withdraw from a fee-paying course or whose enrolment in a fee-paying course is terminated or lapses, will be liable to pay the tuition fees applicable. If students transfer to a new course, including a combined course, the prevailing tuition fees apply.

General refund for new students

A general refund may be given if written notice of withdrawal from unit/s or discontinuation or intermission from a course of study is received by the University by specific dates. Please check the international tuition fee refunds page for more information about refund percentages and dates.

English language courses (DUELI)

  • A course is defined as the total length of your enrolment at DUELI
  • The enrolment and orientation fee is non-refundable
  • Refunds will not be granted after your DUELI course has commenced
  • Requests for refunds received less than 28 days prior to the commencement of the course will receive a refund of 50 per cent (50%) of the tuition fee.

For more information regarding the DUELI refund policy, and methods of refund, please refer to the DUELI refund policy.

Pathway programs

Some students on a pathways program pay an initial deposit on their intended future award course at Deakin at the same time as commencing a certificate or diploma course at another institution. Two Electronic confirmation of Enrolment forms (eCOEs) may be issued at this stage so that a visa is granted to cover both programs of study. This deposit may contribute to the payment of the first trimester fees at Deakin if the student meets the conditions for entry to a Deakin award course.

If a student fails to qualify for entry into the Deakin award course, a full refund of the deposit may be requested. If a student meets the conditions for admission to Deakin, but notifies Deakin of an intention not to proceed with the packaged course, a retained fee equal to 10 per cent of the first trimester tuition fee applies.

Full refund

A full refund of tuition fees paid may be given in special circumstances. Such circumstances are those beyond the control of the student or those that make it impossible for the student to continue. The following reasons are grounds to apply for a full refund:

  • A student is refused a student visa by the Commonwealth Government authorities, or
  • an offer is withdrawn or an enrolment terminated because the University is unable to provide the course of study, or
  • a student withdraws from a unit on the advice of a Faculty Course Adviser and does not enrol in a replacement unit (the signature of the Faculty Course Adviser is required), or
  • the University changes and is unable to offer unit/s such that a student is prevented from completing the unit/s and no credit is given towards other unit/s, or
  • the course does not commence on the agreed start date and the student is not already withdrawn, or
  • the government has limited Deakin's right to conduct courses for overseas students, or
  • a student is unable to fulfil the conditions of an offer or selection criteria applicable to these applicants, or
  • a student fails to meet progression rules and is not permitted to re-enrol, or
  • a student has gained Permanent Resident status prior to the University census date and has not been offered a commonwealth supported place, or
  • a student withdraws from a unit and enrols in a replacement unit of equal value in the same trimester, or
  • a student provides written advice more than four weeks prior to the commencement of the English language course.

Executive discretion may be exercised to consider applications which do not comply with the above provisions but for which extraordinary circumstances may exist. An application for a refund in special circumstances must be made in writing and sent to the Manager of Fees, Division of Student Administration. Proof of payment of the fees (e.g. an official receipt) and validation of the reasons for applying for a refund will be required.

Methods of refund

  • New students should notify in writing to the Executive Director, Deakin International, any wish to cancel enrolment (prior to enrolment).
  • Enrolled students may apply for a general refund. Inquiries may be made at Deakin Central.
  • If Deakin defaults in the provision of the course the refund will be made within two weeks of the default event.
  • If the student defaults the refund will be made within four weeks of the University being notified.
  • Refunds will be made by cheque or EFT in Australian dollars only.
  • Refunds may be made to a nominated person/sponsor who initially paid the student fees.
  • Scholarship and sponsored students' refunds will only be paid to the scholarship or sponsoring body.

Changes to residency status during application

Students whose residency status changes during the application process or while studying at Deakin University must notify Deakin International immediately.

  1. If an international student gains Australian Permanent Resident status before enrolment, the student will no longer be classified as an international student. The student must reapply for admission and will therefore compete with other Australian students for either a local fee-paying place or a government-funded commonwealth supported place. If the student is successful, he/she will be liable to pay either the local tuition fee or the student contribution for the commonwealth supported place. There is no guarantee that a place will be available and commonwealth supported places are limited by a quota set by the Federal Government.
  2. If an international student gains Australian Permanent Resident status after enrolment the student will still be classified as an international student for the remainder of that trimester and will be liable for payment of fees. However the student will be considered an Australian resident for subsequent trimesters and will be subject to conditions as outlined above.
  3. Final dates for notification are census dates for each trimester.
  4. Any approved refund of international tuition fees will be in accordance with the refund policy.

Payment of international award course tuition fees by instalments

International students undertaking award courses are required to pay fees for the units in which they are enrolled by no later than the census date for those units. Such students, except those in their first trimester of study, may pay their tuition fees by instalment subject to the following conditions:

  • At least fifty percent (50%) of the course tuition fees must be paid by the census date. No further invoices or final notices will be issued.
  • The balance of the course fee may be paid progressively in any amounts provided that the total amount is paid by no later than 31 days after the census dates.
  • If a variation to an enrolment results in an increase in the amount of course tuition fees, no extensions of time will be granted for payment of the additional fees.
  • If a student fails to make the required payments and does not contact the University by the applicable due date/s for payment, the student's enrolment
    will be terminated.
  • The effective date of termination of enrolment will be the due date of the missed payment for the respective trimester.
  • This option does not apply where a student's fees and charges are paid by a sponsor, employer or any other person or organisation.

The conditions for payment by instalments may be viewed at The Guide.

This agreement does not remove the right to take further action under Australia's consumer protection law or pursue other legal remedies.

This outline represents the current Fees and Charges Policy at time of printing. For the most recent version of the policy, please refer to the fees website.


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