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Dr Aaron Schultz



Senior Lecturer


Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env


School of Life & Env Sciences


Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, Deakin University, 2011
Bachelor of Science (Biological Science), Deakin University, 2005

+61 3 924 45433


Dr Aaron Schultz completed his PhD at Deakin University in 2011 and held several Postdoctoral Research Fellow positions in Canada and Australia before commencing his Lecturer in Animal Biology position at Deakin University in 2017. Dr Schultz’s multidisciplinary research program is split into two main areas: (1) environmental animal physiology – this program includes the study of solute transport mechanisms involved in osmoregulation, acid-base balance and nutrient uptake in aquatic animals; (2) environmental and human toxicology – this program assesses the behavior, transformation, fate, bioavailability and potential toxicity of chemicals of emerging concern (CECs) including nanomaterials and micro/nanoplastics on biological systems. Dr Schultz also serves as the Deputy Chair of the Deakin University Nanosafety Committee, which he led the development of in recent years, and is the HDR coordinator in his School for off campus and international HDR students. During his time as HDR coordinator, he has been actively finding ways to improve off-campus and international student engagement with the University and their overall HDR experience. Dr Schultz’s passion for science also extends beyond research and tertiary education, into schools and the community, where he promotes science through a variety of platforms.

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2018 - Vice Chancellors Award for International Research Collaboration (Laboratory without Borders team)

2015 - Disease Models and Mechanisms Travelling Fellowship (

2012 - Recieved “Presidents' Award”, CSZ 2012 Meeting in Sackville, NB, Canada (see link

2011 - Canadian Society of Zoologists Travel Award
Helped fund attendance at the ICCPB 2011 Conference in Nagoya, Japan

2011 - Canadian Society of Zoologists Travel Award
Helped fund attendance at the CSZ Meeting in Ottawa, Canada

2007 - Company of Biologists Travelling Fellowship from SEB
Helped fund a research trip to the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, BC, Canada


HDR Student Projects:

Primary supervisor

  • Ms Ayushi Priyam: In vitro and in vivo toxicological analysis of agriculturally useful nanohydroxyapatite and nanophosphorus
  • Ms Shweta Gehlout: In vitro and in vivo Toxicology Analysis of Agriculturally Useful Nanoparticles
  • Ms Natasha Yadav: Life cycle analysis of agricultural relevant nanoparticles in marine water
  • Mr Anurag Nath: Life cycle analysis of agriculturally relevant nanomaterials in marine environment
  • Mr Kamal Poudel: Do micro and nanoplastics pose a threat to human health?

Associate supervisor

  • Ms Georginal Bramwell: Transmissible cancers within bivalves across Australia
  • Mr Lalinka Priyashan Bandara Herath Herath Mudiyanselage: Heavy metal sensitive biosensors and common heavy metal toxicity
  • Ms Anne-Lise Pascale F. Gerard: Competition, ecological and evolutionary interactions of two transmissible cancers

Other Collaborative Projects:

  • Assessing the potential application of copper containing nanomaterials as cancer therapeutics
  • Investigating the risks of Chemicals of Emerging Concern (CECs) to environmental and human health
  • Physiology associated with smoltification in Atlantic Salmon
  • Using zebrafish embryos to screen the bioavailability and safety of novel new cancer therapeutic compounds.
  • Team member of CANECEV: Cancer ecology and evolution; investigating links between pollution and cancer in the environment (please see link for further details:


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Exposure to biogenic phosphorus nano-agromaterials promotes early hatching and causes no acute toxicity in zebrafish embryos

A Priyam, P Singh, L Afonso, A Schultz

(2022), Vol. 9, pp. 1364-1380, Environmental Science: Nano, Cambridge, England, C1

journal article

Abiotic factors and aging alter the physicochemical characteristics and toxicity of Phosphorus nanomaterials to zebrafish embryos

A Priyam, P Singh, L Afonso, A Schultz

(2022), Vol. 25, pp. 1-14, NanoImpact, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Fertilizing benefits of biogenic Phosphorous nanonutrients on Solanum lycopersicum in soils with variable pH

Ayushi Priyam, natasha Yadav, Pallavolu Reddy, luis Afonso, Aaron Schultz, Pushplata Singh

(2022), Vol. 8, pp. 1-11, Heliyon, AMsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

A review of the potential effects of climate change on disseminated neoplasia with an emphasis on efficient detection in marine bivalve populations

G Bramwell, A Schultz, C Sherman, M Giraudeau, F Thomas, B Ujvari, A Dujon

(2021), Vol. 775, pp. 1-13, Science of the total environment, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Investigation into the trophic transfer and acute toxicity of phosphorus-based nano-agromaterials in Caenorhabditis elegans

Ayushi Priyam, Luis Afonso, Aaron Schultz, Pushplata Singh

(2021), Vol. 23, pp. 1-12, NanoImpact, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Rare and unique adaptations to cancer in domesticated species: an untapped resource?

Frédéric Thomas, Mathieu Giraudeau, Nolwenn Dheilly, Flora Gouzerh, Justine Boutry, Christa Beckmann, Peter Biro, Rodrigo Hamede, Jerome Abadie, Sophie Labrut, Margaux Bieuville, Dorothée Misse, Georgina Bramwell, Aaron Schultz, Guillaume Le Loc’H, Orsolya Vincze, Benjamin Roche, François Renaud, Tracey Russell, Beata Ujvari

(2020), Vol. 13, pp. 1605-1614, Evolutionary applications, Chichester, Eng., C1

journal article

Polyacrylic acid coated nanoparticles elicit endothelial cell apoptosis and diminish vascular relaxation in ex vivo perfused iliac arteries of the cane toad (Rhinella marina)

Van Ortega, Melissa Cameron, James Stafford, Greg Goss, John Donald, Aaron Schultz

(2020), pp. 1912-1926, Environmental science: nano, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Transmissible cancers in an evolutionary perspective

A Dujon, R Gatenby, G Bramwell, N MacDonald, E Dohrmann, N Raven, A Schultz, R Hamede, A Gérard, M Giraudeau, F Thomas, B Ujvari

(2020), Vol. 23, pp. 1-12, iScience, Cambridge, Mass., C1

journal article

Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) exposed to different preparatory photoperiods during smoltification show varying responses in gill Na⁺/K⁺-ATPase, salinity-specific mRNA transcription and ionocyte differentiation

C van Rijn, P Jones, A Schultz, B Evans, S McCormick, L Afonso

(2020), Vol. 529, pp. 1-13, Aquaculture, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Ecological and evolutionary consequences of anticancer adaptations

Justine Boutry, Antoine Dujon, Gerard Anne-Lise, Sophie Tissot, Nick Macdonald, Aaron Schultz, Peter Biro, Christa Beckmann, Rodrigo Hamede, David Hamilton, Mathieu Giraudeau, Beata Ujvari, Frédéric Thomas

(2020), Vol. 23, pp. 1-13, iScience, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

A new method for biological synthesis of agriculturally relevant nanohydroxyapatite with elucidated effects on soil bacteria

A Priyam, R Das, A Schultz, P Singh

(2019), Vol. 9, pp. 1-14, Scientific Reports, London, ENg., C1

journal article

Regulation of plasma glucose and sulfate excretion in Pacific hagfish, Eptatretus stoutii is not mediated by 11-deoxycortisol

A Clifford, N Bury, A Schultz, J Ede, B Goss, G Goss

(2017), Vol. 247, pp. 107-115, General and comparative endocrinology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Ammonia-independent sodium uptake mediated by Na+ channels and NHEs in the freshwater ribbon leech Nephelopsis obscura

A Quijada-Rodriguez, A Schultz, J Wilson, Y He, G Allen, G Goss, D Weihrauch

(2017), Vol. 220, pp. 3270-3279, Journal of Experimental Biology, C1

journal article

Uptake and toxicity of copper oxide nanoparticles in C6 glioma cells

A Joshi, W Rastedt, K Faber, A Schultz, F Bulcke, R Dringen

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journal article

The role of acid-sensing ion channels in epithelial Na+ uptake in adult zebrafish (Danio rerio)

A Dymowska, D Boyle, A Schultz, G Goss

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journal article

Rodlet cells in Murray cod, Maccullochella peelii peelii (Mitchell), affected with chronic ulcerative dermatopathy

A Schultz, P Jones, T Toop

(2014), Vol. 37, pp. 219-228, Journal of fish diseases, London, England, C1

journal article

Phosphate absorption across multiple epithelia in the Pacific hagfish (Eptatretus stoutii)

A Schultz, S Guffey, A Clifford, G Goss

(2014), Vol. 307, pp. R643-R652, American journal of physiology : regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology, Bethesda, Md., C1-1

journal article

Aquatic toxicity of manufactured nanomaterials: challenges and recommendations for future toxicity testing

Aaron Schultz, David Boyle, Danuta Chamot, Kimberly Ong, Kevin Wilkinson, James McGeer, Geoff Sunahara, Greg Goss

(2014), Vol. 11, pp. 207-226, Environmental chemistry, Clayton, Vic, C1-1

journal article

Acid-sensing ion channels are involved in epithelial Na+ uptake in the rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss

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journal article

Silver nanoparticles inhibit sodium uptake in juvenile rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

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journal article

Groundwater pre-treatment prevents the onset of chronic ulcerative dermatopathy in juvenile Murray cod, Maccullochella peelii peelii (Mitchell)

A Schultz, S Shigdar, P Jones, A Ward, T Toop

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journal article

Using omeprazole to link the components of the post-prandial alkaline tide in the spiny dogfish, Squalus acanthias

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journal article

Osmoregulatory balance in Murray cod, Maccullochella peelii peelii (Mitchell), affected with chronic ulcerative dermatopathy

A Schultz, J Healy, P Jones, T Toop

(2008), Vol. 280, pp. 45-52, Aquaculture, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

The battle of tumours: growth kinetics and competition of DFT1 and DFT2

A/Prof Beata Ujvari, Dr Aaron Schultz, Dr Matthew McKenzie

DPIPWE Dr Eric Guiler Tasmanian Devil Research Grant

  • 2021: $25,000

Industry and Other Funding

Contagious diseases in Australian bivalves

Ms Georgina Bramwell, A/Prof Beata Ujvari, Dr Aaron Schultz, A/Prof Craig Sherman, Dr Antoine Dujon

Ecological Society Australia - Student Research Award

  • 2021: $6,695


Principal Supervisor

Ayushi Priyam

Thesis entitled: Environmental and human toxicity assessment of Phosphorus-based nanomaterials

Doctor of Philosophy (Life & Env), School of Life and Environmental Sciences