We have developed a close-knit, long-standing relationship with Geelong and its community. As the largest educational provider in the region, we’re committed to the ongoing development and prosperity of the area. We’re affiliated with a number of organisations that share our vision and responsibility towards Geelong and its residents.

G21 alliance

Deakin University is a member of G21, an alliance that works as a forum to discuss regional issues and coordinate research, consultation and planning across eight interest groups (or pillars). These include: 

  • arts and culture 
  • economic development 
  • education and training 
  • environment 
  • health and wellbeing 
  • planning and services 
  • sport and recreation 
  • transport. 

aOur Pro Vice-Chancellor leads G21’s Education and Training pillar group. Its projects include a digital learning hub for secondary students, an online career development and support network and a regional education mapping initiative to identify industry sectors with critical skill shortages in the region. 

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Committee for Geelong

Deakin University is a corporate member of the Committee for Geelong and is also represented on its Strategy & Policy committee. The committee advocates to advance economic prosperity and innovation outcomes for Geelong. 

It actively supports development of the region's infrastructure and demonstrates community leadership and advocacy. Deakin lends its expertise and knowledge to advance key issues the committee is involved in, including: 

  • further developing international links for businesses 
  • pushing for the Geelong Port and Land Infrastructure plan 
  • advocating for regionalisation of government departments 
  • developing skills, innovation and jobs for the region 
  • promoting Geelong’s agribusinesses. 

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Geelong Chamber of Commerce

Deakin is a proud member of the Geelong Chamber of Commerce and a corporate partner. The chamber is a civic organisation that supports, educates and facilitates a healthy, vibrant business community among its 850+ members. 

Deakin is represented at chamber events, participates in forums and promotes itself through the extensive member network 

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Baclinks is part of Karingal, an organisation established to improve the quality of life for people with a disability. It matches businesses and their employees with local volunteering opportunities and coordinates a variety of philanthropic projects.

As a member of BacLinks, Deakin employees have the opportunity to participate in select community based initiatives. The university can also donate goods and services to specific groups in need within the Geelong area.

Our association with Baclinks helps us create important connections with our local communities.