Undergraduate degree applications

Join Deakin’s lively undergraduate community and explore your interests, passions and ambitions. We accept applications through most of the year with intakes for many courses in all three trimesters.

Apply in seven steps

Applying for your undergraduate degree at Deakin couldn’t be easier. The average application is straightforward and takes around 20 minutes to complete. Follow these steps to make the process as simple as possible.

Find your course

Browse from the hundreds of exciting courses we have on offer. Once you find the course you’re after, make sure you understand the entry requirements, application methods and application dates.

Find a course

Find courses based on their ATAR

Decide when you want to start your study

Undergraduate courses at Deakin generally begin in March, but some courses also have intakes in July and November.

Understand the entry and documentation requirements

Make sure you understand the entry requirements for your chosen course by reading the course details carefully. Some courses may also require you to provide extra materials like a portfolio or personal statement.

Gather supporting documents

When you apply to Deakin, it's important to attach any requested supporting documentation, otherwise your application could be delayed or disallowed. 

Find out more about preparing your application

Learn the correct application method

If you're currently studying Year 12, or you're a non-school leaver (not currently studying Year 12) applying for multiple Deakin courses, you'll apply through VTAC for Trimester 1.

If you're a non-school leaver applying for one course only, you can either apply through VTAC or direct to Deakin via our applicant portal.

VTAC accepts applications from August through to November every year. Direct applications to Deakin can be made at any time.

Depending on your course, our flexible trimester system means you may be able to start in Trimester 1 (March), 2 (July) or 3 (November).

Access and Equity Program

If circumstances in your life have limited your potential for studying at university, we also have a scheme that increases your chance of receiving a course offer (but doesn’t guarantee it).

If your course application is through VTAC, you can apply for Access and Equity through the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) application, and if you apply direct, provide us with more detail in the Applicant Portal.

Learn more about our Access and Equity Program


If you’ve followed the steps above and you have all the information you need, you can start applying for your undergraduate degree! Follow the links below or apply via your chosen course’s details page.

Applying for Trimester 2 or 3

From April you can apply for Trimester 2 and start in July, or for Trimester 3 to start in November.

Apply through the Deakin applicant portal

Find the course that's right for you

If you haven’t quite decided which course is right for you, find your dream course from our extensive course offerings and get started later.

Find a course

Or read on for more helpful information to get you started on your way to an undergraduate degree at Deakin.

Associate degrees, diplomas and honours degrees

To apply for our honours degree, associate degree or diploma courses, check the relevant course page for details. Be sure to understand the entry requirements and any extra information necessary for your application before you begin.

Learn more about applying for associate degrees

Learn more about applying for honours degrees


You might be eligible for one of the many scholarships Deakin has on offer. Our handy scholarship search tool can help you find all the scholarships that you could be eligible for. Remember to read each scholarship's details carefully and apply before the due date.

Find a scholarship


When submitting your application, we’ll ask you to provide any extra information necessary, like details of previous study and work experience to help us consider your application. All applicants will be asked to demonstrate a level of English proficiency. Depending on the course, a more specific requirement such as maths or a portfolio may also be required.

Year 12 school leavers

If you have just finished Year 12, we’ll look at the subjects you’ve completed and your ATAR when considering your application. Check the course you are applying for as you may also need to complete ‘extra requirements’.

Non-school leavers

You might have left school 2 years ago, or 20 years ago. The same sort of entry requirements apply, you’ll have lots of different ways you can meet the requirements. We’ll consider your secondary study, any TAFE or university study and work or other experience you might have undertaken.

English language requirements

There is a minimum level of English proficiency required to study all of our courses. Generally, you can meet this requirement by demonstrating you've completed Year 12, or studied at a TAFE or university in English and in an English speaking country.

Check our English language requirements (PDF, 184KB)

Computing requirements

At Deakin, we make extensive use of technology in our teaching. To study at Deakin you are required to have:

  • access to a device such as a desktop computer or laptop
  • connectivity to the internet
  • capability to use Deakin's online learning environments.

Learn more about Deakin's computing requirements

Credit for Prior Learning

Credit for Prior Learning is the recognition of previous study, work or volunteer experience you might have completed. If approved, it can reduce the number of units you need to study at Deakin, allowing you to complete your course earlier.

Find out more about Credit for Prior Learning

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