Deakin Explore

Deciding what to do when you finish high school can be overwhelming. With so much information to take in, sometimes it’s helpful to be able to take a step back and see what your course and career options are without getting lost in university websites or course guides.

That’s why we created Explore.

How does it work?

Explore is an innovative digital tool, unlike any other course or career finder you’ve ever used. 

More than just a course search, it matches courses to careers and careers to courses at the swipe of a screen or click of a mouse, enabling you to explore countless paths you could take after high school. With Explore you can:

  • view more than 1000 course and career pairings at a glance
  • filter your search based on your interests
  • create an account to save your favourites and share with your friends
  • enjoy short, snappy snippets of the relevant information you need.

Available as both a mobile-optimised website and a free app downloadable from the App store, Explore is constantly being updated with new and exciting future-focused careers.

Before you decide what to study, decide to Explore

I really like the way Explore is set out, and the options it gives you to explore different career paths or course options. I think it makes this difficult choice a lot easier to comprehend.

Year 12 student

Download the Explore app

Downloadable for free from the App Store, there's a seamless transition between the desktop version and the app. If you’ve created an account, all your favourite courses and careers will be saved no matter which version you’re using. 

Perhaps the best thing about the app version is that it won’t use up data. So, when you’re out of WiFi range or low on data, you can continue your course and career search without counting your kilobytes! 

Download the Explore app now!