Centre for Teaching and Learning Languages

The Centre for Teaching and Learning Languages (CTaLL) aims to promote, advocate for and support languages and EAL/D TESOL education in Australia and around the world.

Our focus

CTaLL serves as a dynamic hub for promoting Deakin’s excellence in languages and TESOL education, its innovative research and comprehensive engagement with national and international stakeholders in the languages and TESOL fields.

Building on the extensive expertise of the TESOL, EAL/D and languages group, we provide specialist units of contemporary theory, pedagogy and practice across both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching courses within the School of Education.

The focus of our research program is the development of innovative teaching and learning across the TESOL, EAL/D and languages teaching education sectors both in Australia and internationally. Our mission is to continue to support and facilitate professional learning, community engagement and research communication.

Our research is framed by sociocultural perspectives on languages, culture and identity in education, and the connection between communication, language awareness and languages curriculum, pedagogy and practice.

Centre activities

Our ongoing seminar series ‘Global perspectives of innovative languages education’ was established in 2014 and each year features eminent scholars in the field alongside Deakin academics specialising in EAL/D and TESOL. The CTaLL seminar series has been consolidated into an edited volume Rethinking Languages Education: Directions, Challenges and Innovations.

Members of CTaLL are committee members of key state and national organisations including the Modern Language Teachers Association (MLTAV) and the Australia Council of TESOL Associations (ACTA). CTaLL members are also editors of TESOL in Context – a key journal for Australian TESOL educators.

The centre also facilitates the delivery of professional learning activities for teachers including languages pedagogy short courses for community languages teachers, workshops with national and international facilitators, as well as the curation of education resource blog The Language Teacher Helpmate.


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