Education, Leadership, Governance and Policy Teaching and Research Group

The Education, Leadership, Governance and Policy (ELGP) Teaching and Research Group develop and apply theories dealing with education practice.

The group also advances methods and methodologies as ways to explore education, including workplace and other case studies, social network analysis, feminist methodologies, institutional ethnography, self-study and social field analysis.

Our focus

The work of ELGP contributes to teaching, global research and further knowledge of education policy, leadership and governance. In doing so, group members influence a variety of fields of education, with their work regularly sought out, cited and utilised by schools and school networks, universities and policy agencies both nationally and globally.

Study opportunities

Higher degree by research (HDR) students have access to expert and experienced supervision from high-performing researchers working at the cutting edge in their fields.

Through the Education Governance and Policy group of Research for Educational Impact, HDR students receive regular invitations to research conferences, workshops and seminars.

Group members

Our group members have expertise in a variety of research areas.

Please see their individual profiles for research interests and supervision experience.


HDR students work on a range of research projects across educational policy, professionalism, leadership and internationalisation research areas.

Student projects

Globalisation/localisation, educational restructuring and governance (higher education, technical education and schools)
Equity, diversity and inclusion in education
Gender, ’race’ and class identity formation in and through education
Changing governance and the relationship between the state, 'family' and markets in education
Leadership, teaching and administrative work within a knowledge society
International education (universities and schools), mobility and identity
Academic, graduate and teacher workforce planning
Quality, accountability and educational research
Autonomy and self-managing organisations
Teacher, academic and leader professional identities
Leadership and organisational change
School–university collaborative networks
Schools, at risk students, interagency collaboration and community capacity building
Spatiality, temporality, connectivity and school redesign
Education practice
Teacher attrition/retention
Teacher health and wellbeing
Organisational justice and trust
Unequal distributions of power in education

Research projects

Longitudinal Research Study of the Rural Leadership Foundation


Research team: Professor Jill Blackmore, Associate Professor Andrea Gallant

Funding: ARLF $128,000

Vocational institutions, undergraduate degrees: distinction or inequality


Research team: Professor Susan Webb (Monash), Dr Shaun Rawolle (Deakin University), Dr Steven Hodge (University of Glasgow) and Professor Trevor Gale (University of Glasgow)

Funding: ARC $396,500

Cultural context and graduate employability


Research team: Professor Jill Blackmore, Associate Professor Ly Tran and Dr Mark Rahimi 

Funding: CPA $60,000

International students in secondary schools


Research team: Professor Jill Blackmore, Associate Professor Ly Tran, Professor Catherine Beavis and Professor Christine Halse 

Funding: ARC $395,000


ELGP members have extensive research and social networks and collaborations both within Australia and globally. In Australia, we have research collaborations with the University of Melbourne, Monash University, the Australian Catholic University and Flinders University.

We collaborate with international universities including the universities of Glasgow, Nottingham and Sussex in the UK, the University of Toronto in Canada, the University of Aarhus in Denmark and the University of Tampere in Finland.

Contact us

For more information about ELGP research, please contact the Faculty of Education.