Robotics and Internet of Things (RIoT) Lab

About the lab

The Robotics and Internet of Things (RIoT) Lab is a purpose-built studio environment designed to support collaboration and innovation. Located at the Melbourne Burwood Campus, students and staff use the lab to design, build and test new robotics and Internet of Things (IoT) concepts. Students interact in an active experiential learning environment and learn through a range of engaging, open-ended and problem-based activities.

The lab and its exciting technologies is available to both on-campus and online students, and supports engagement between all students and teaching staff wherever they are located.

Lab spaces

The RIoT Lab has the latest in computing, robotics and cyber-physical systems. Students can also access specialised software such as professional development platforms, industry-standard modelling and animation packages. Spaces in the lab include:

Robot arena

The robot arena is a specially engineered space for testing and evaluating a range of robotic systems, from drones to mobile rovers and even humanoid robots. Equipped with a range of networked cameras and projection systems, the arena supports monitoring and interaction with robots from any location with internet access.


Our dedicated prototyping workshop supports student-led innovation within project-based learning units and research programs. A range of equipment enables one-off and small-run production of specialised equipment and new designs for IoT devices and robots. Current equipment in the workshop supports 3D printing, laser cutting, electronics and hand-tooling.

Professional equipment

The lab is home to a range of humanoid and mobile robots, rovers and drones, and a variety of specialist embedded computing and sensing devices. Students use these across a broad range of units to support learning and development of professional skills. Equipment in the lab is updated regularly with new products, to keep pace with industry innovation. Currently students can access Nao humanoid robots, DJI drones, mbot and m3pi rovers, arduino and mbed controllers, and Raspberry Pi and NVidia Jetson mini computers.

Specialist software

Developing robotics and IoT devices requires a range of specialist computing software, and the lab provides specialised workstations across large project-oriented workspaces. Whether its robotics simulators, professional IDEs for software development or software for modelling and design, students have everything they need to support learning, innovating and gaining professionally relevant skills in technology development.

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