Robotics and Internet of Things Lab

Use our industry-standard lab to design, build and test robots. Learn new robotics and Internet of Things (IoT) concepts. Practice and refine the skills that are crucial to your career success.

Learn in a real-world robotics lab

The Robotics and Internet of Things (RIoT) Lab is a purpose-built studio environment designed to support collaboration and innovation. Located at our Melbourne Burwood Campus, the custom-made facility has an experiential learning environment offering a range of engaging, open-ended and problem-based activities.

See your innovations in action in our robot arena

Our specially engineered arena demonstrates the capabilities of our robotic systems and serves as a platform for you to showcase our robots’ skills in a controlled environment. It supports our goal of achieving long-term autonomy in robotic systems.

Study robotics at Deakin

Robotics engineers and digital transformation specialists feature in the top 10 fastest-growing job type over the next five years.* Kick-start your career journey at Deakin – our robotic facilities and workplace learning will give you the skills you need to get ahead.

Software engineering combines Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems and robotics. Students work with cutting-edge hardware and software platforms – I really enjoy seeing what students create with these tools and the support to solve complex real-world problems.

Associate Professor Kevin Lee

Software Engineering and Internet of Things (IoT)

Access the latest in robotic technology

The RIoT lab is home to an array of robots that will delight student, staff and researcher alike.

Educational robots

Educational robots

These small mobile robots are designed to give you practical experience in robotics and software engineering. Experience block programming for beginners and more advanced techniques involving the Robot Operating System (ROS). Our robots are fitted with a variety of sensors enabling tasks such as line following, object detection and obstacle avoidance.

Research robots

Research robots

Want a unique opportunity to engage in ground-breaking robotics research and development? We’ve got robotic dogs, robotic arms with a variety of grippers, sophisticated robotic hands, mobile manipulators, humanoid robots and mobile service robots! Get hands-on experience with robots that have advanced systems and cutting-edge hardware.

Process info in real time with state-of-the-art sensors

Enjoy access to an assortment of distance sensors, depth cameras, 360-degree cameras, 2D and 3D LiDAR (light detection and ranging) sensors and tactile sensors. Sensors enhance the capabilities of our robots, allowing for detailed environmental analysis, precise navigation and complex task execution.

Use specialist computing software to develop robotics

Study at specialised workstations across large project-oriented workspaces. Access our robotics simulators, professional Integrated development environment for software development, and software for modelling and design.


*The World Economic Forum, The Future of Jobs Report 2023.

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