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Advisory Board

The School of Information Technology's advisory board advises on the direction of the school in terms of its research and teaching programs, contemporary issues and trends, as well as offering connections with industry.

IT representatives from leading corporate industries and the government sector guide our curriculum and teaching programs, keeping our courses current and relevant to industry needs, which is key in a sector where change is constant.

IT interns

We’re committed to training the next generation of IT professionals through our internship program, which helps increase students’ skills and employability.

The program gives you the chance to take what you’ve learnt from us and apply it in the workplace. You'll also get the kind of unique industry experience that’ll truly help you prepare for your future career.

Benefits to organisations hosting students

Our internship program is designed to further the interests of not only the student but also the host organisation. Employers can derive great benefits in many ways:

Generating innovative solutions

Employers can engage with the next generation of students who are at the cutting edge of research and practice. Students can bring a fresh and dynamic approach to developing solutions for your organisation.

Contributing to business outcomes

Students provide a cost-effective resource to achieve project outcomes that contribute to the organisation's strategic objective.

Opportunity for staff professional development

Internships provide mentoring and supervision for staff wishing to develop their management and leadership skills.

Increasing your organisation's profile

Offering an internship placement raises the profile of your organisation with staff and students as an employer of choice. It can also contribute to succession planning and facilitate recruitment of future staff.

Minimal costs

Students are able to undertake projects that organisations may not have the resources to explore, particularly not-for-profit and small to medium enterprises. Internships don't require payment.

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