Advancing society and culture

Our research helps strengthen society, culture and the economy through creative, contemporary and intercultural approaches to education, the arts and business.

Ensuring the future of quality rural journalism

Exploring how to improve the quality of news and information flow and ensure the sustainability of newspapers in rural areas.

Understanding Heritage Destruction across the Middle East

This research began with a number of projects that measured the destruction of cultural property in Iraq and Syria

Making it easier to employ refugees with a user-friendly guide for Australian employers

Deakin researchers have launched a first-of-its-kind guide to help Australian employers hire refugees and asylum seekers

Building safe and secure communities

From strengthening community resilience to the development of cutting-edge cyber security, our cross-disciplinary research builds ethical and innovative solutions to global security problems.

Find out how Deakin researchers are building safe and secure communities

Safe and secure connectivity is key to our autonomous driving future

The Deakin team is seeking to ensure secure co-operation between vehicles exchanging intelligence with each other, to enable vehicle systems to make secure real-time decisions, independently of the driver.

Improving health and wellbeing

Improved health and wellbeing underpins the success of any society, and at Deakin, we’re driving research that impacts lives – globally and locally – in meaningful ways.

Transform-Us! Moving and learning for long-term health

This world-first program is designed to re-frame the way children learn by moving more and sitting less. Currently available to all Victorian Primary Schools, it is the culmination of over 12 years of Deakin University research.

Preventing childhood obesity – a community response

A joint project between Deakin researchers and community members from the regional Victorian town of Portland is tackling the complex problem of childhood obesity.

Enabling a sustainable world

Sustainable outcomes guide our research from idea to solution and application.

We protect and manage our land, air and marine ecosystems; use innovative resource management technologies; and support the transition to sustainable energy solutions.

Deakin’s renewable energy microgrid a step towards carbon neutrality by 2025

Deakin’s renewable energy microgrid is providing substantial returns through research, teaching and learning opportunities. It’s also a core element in Deakin’s pathway to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025

Designing smarter technologies

We’re developing practical technology with ethical foundations to support a sustainable, progressive society.

Find out how Deakin researchers are creating smarter technologies

CYCLONE: creating a new era in Australian pilot training

CYCLONE allows the Australian Defence Force access to world-leading systems within Australia, and pilots no longer need to conduct G-Force training overseas.

Kickstarting next-generation battery production in Australia

These new-generation batteries will make electric-powered vehicles more accessible all over the world and speed up the transition to clean energy.

Artificial intelligence providing faster and more personalised mental health treatment

Innovative researchers pioneering world-leading artificial intelligence technology that will achieve personalised medicine.

Monitoring advertising to improve children’s health

Deakin’s world-first research tool will monitor children’s exposure to, and engagement with, junk food, alcohol and tobacco advertising.

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