Tran Duy Hung

Field: Applied Artificial Intelligence

On a journey to supercharge his career, PhD candidate Tran is helping computers understand humans to make the world safer.

We sat down with Tran to talk about his PhD journey.

I want my research to not only have solid scientific contribution but also deliver practical outcomes that enhance the quality of life.

Tran's PhD Journey

Why did you choose to study a PhD at Deakin?

I chose Deakin University’s Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A²I²) for its reputation as a pioneer in artificial intelligence.

Prior to starting my PhD, I became fascinated by A²I²’s  iCetana – a project which uses software to detect potential security threats across hours of video surveillance footage. Drawing on research expertise, A²I² discovered new techniques that allow camera operators to focus on the one per cent of events that indicate possible security risks.

Now studying at Deakin, I’m thrilled to also make my mark through research.

What is your PhD research project about?

My PhD research focusses on helping computers understand human behaviour like we humans do. In particular, I am hope to develop programs that can understand the behaviours of humans from a video, then guess their goals, and anticipate their future behaviours.

One of my research outputs is around developing a program to predict future locations of pedestrians and other vehicles. This technology could be applied to avoid traffic collisions and ensure the safety of self-driving cars.

What have you achieved that you never thought possible before beginning your PhD?

I’m excited that my research could help enhance self-driving vehicle safety and the effectiveness of surveillance systems. It is also valuable for making machine assistants to boost workers' productivity with streamlined workflows.

At the beginning of my PhD, I never thought my research could have such an impact on improving the security of society.

See what Tran's working on

See what Tran's working on

How has Deakin supported you to achieve your goals?

My supervisors at Deakin are knowledgeable, supportive, and thoughtful. They have shaped me to become an independent researcher, and they always give me valuable advice.

My peers are intelligent and exciting, and I always find something to learn from them. We often study together each week, which allows us to discuss our research, innovative and broaden our perspectives on artificial intelligence.

In addition, the leading technologies and machines at A²I² inspire to go further with my research.

What are your future career ambitions? How will your PhD help you realise these?

In the future, I want to be a researcher that thrives in both academia and industry. I want my research to not only have solid scientific contribution but also deliver practical outcomes that enhance the quality of life, just as the iCetana project does.

My PhD is vital for achieving these goals. Studying at A²I² has allowed me to study the deep learning literature and learn innovative research practices. Getting involved in weekly seminars and the industry projects at A²I² has also helped me realise what the industry needs.

My PhD journey has driven me to become an independent thinker and to tackle problems with the hope of changing the world.

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