How to support Year 11s and 12s

There are plenty of ways for you to help your child prepare for life after high school. Skills like time management and staying healthy will be invaluable for university, as well as the rest of their life.

Time management

  • Encourage them to draw up a yearly timetable that shows when assignments are due and when they need to start working on them.
  • Use the yearly planner for their other activities as well, so they can learn to balance work and leisure activities.
  • Create a list of upcoming tasks so they can learn to prioritise and order them by importance.

Study skills

  • Encourage your child to set aside a place where they can study, free from distraction.
  • Help them establish a daily routine with time for study and revision.
  • Encourage short breaks every hour or two.

Healthy body, healthy mind

  • Getting 30 minutes of exercise each day helps to improve mood, memory, concentration and study performance.
  • Regular meals will help your child stay energetic and focused.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables are great for overall health and concentration.

Stress management

  • Help break assessments or projects into smaller, more manageable tasks.
  • Go through tasks together and prioritise them based on importance and urgency.
  • Encourage enough sleep! Teenagers should get at least eight hours of sleep a night.

Exam preparation

  • Encourage your child to plan ahead for exams and develop regular revision blocks for each subject.
  • Help them develop an exam calendar, and perhaps associate small personal rewards with the achievement of each milestone.
  • Exam preparation and revision should be balanced with relaxation and time off from study.

Career planning

  • Talk with your child about the courses and careers that interest them.
  • Encourage them to gain work experience in these areas.
  • Encourage them to attend information sessions and career planning events at school.
  • Accompany them to events on campus and encourage them to talk with students and staff.

Study support at Deakin

There might be a lot for your child to learn at university, but there's also a lot of support available.

We have students-helping-students programs, peer study groups, comprehensive resource guides, and learning and language advisers to help your child throughout their studies.

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