Endowment at Deakin

Deakin welcomes gifts of endowment – donations invested over the long term to generate returns used to fund scholarship or research programs. Supporting endowment means your donation continues to live on for future generations, having an impact for perpetuity.

How it works

At Deakin, your donation (the ‘principal’) is invested through the University’s Future Fund. In doing so, we seek to maximise the long-term impact of the donation through achieving these objectives.

  • The real value of the principal is preserved into perpetuity by targeting an investment return, after tax, of at least CPI inflation each year plus the Endowment spend rate.
  • A ‘spend rate’ of 4% of the principal is achieved, thus supporting Deakin programs with a certain and flexible funding stream from year to year.

This means if you’re considering a gift of endowment you should consider an investment of roughly 25 times the annual amount required to fund the initiative you’d like to endow.

A bright future fuelled by generosity

Deakin currently manages approximately $6 million in endowed donations, combined with over $500 million in our Future Fund. This is overseen by an Investment Committee, supported by independent asset consulting advice from an external adviser, and is subject to the guidelines contained within our Investment Governance Framework.

I have witnessed poverty, war and most importantly what lack of education can do. I believe education not only helps alleviate the masses out of poverty, but it inspires people to be better, fair and tolerant.

Madhab Kharel

Law student and Sanctuary Scholarship recipient

Responsible investing

Deakin has a core belief of investing responsibly to ensure funds are efficiently managed, to diversify risk and to generate sustainable and financial value over the long term. We aim to continually evolve and incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into our decision-making and investment management, with parts of our investment portfolio maintained in specialist ESG management. We recognise that good ESG management by companies in which we invest is likely to reduce risk and improve long-term returns.

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