Materials Science Labs

The Materials Science Labs house state-of-the-art equipment for mechanical, chemical, physical, surface analytical and electrochemical applications. The equipment can also be used to assess corrosion on a range of metallic metals.

About the labs

The Materials Science Labs allows for the evaluation, development and redesign of materials for specific properties and improved performance characteristics. Correlative characterisation and tomography of material properties for computer-based simulations and analysis can be undertaken.

Detailed analysis of the electro-chemical behaviours of materials in various simulated corrosive/erosive environments can be performed as well as cathodic protection and inhibition of industrial infrastructure (oil and gas pipelines and re-enforced concrete structures).

The labs include:

  • an extensive range of material testing equipment for metals, polymers and organic materials
  • the ability to undertake stress and failure analysis
  • a wide range of testing and analytical equipment
  • interdisciplinary facilities for use by all engineering disciplines and internal and external stakeholders
  • evaluation, prediction and measurement of service life of metallic materials and related infrastructure
  • collection and use of data for redesign and development of new and improved materials
  • analysis and evaluation of localised corrosion properties of additively manufactured alloys.

Equipment and technology

The labs include the following equipment and technology:

  • SEM (Joel IT 300)
  • DSC (PerkinElmer)
  • MFI
  • compaction simulator
  • particle sizer (Retch)
  • FT4 Powder Rheometer (freeman)
  • load frames (Intron x 2)
  • optical radiometry (Alcona x2)
  • optical micro/macroscopes (Olympus)
  • furnaces (heat treatment)
  • Charpy impact tester
  • macro hardness tester (Struers)
  • micro hardness tester (Struers)
  • Accutom precision cutter (Struers)
  • CitoPress-10 Hot Mounting (Struers)
  • LaboPol-21 Grinder (Struers)
  • Tegramin-25 Polisher (Struers)
  • Electronic Densimeter SD-200L.

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