Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition

The School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences hosts the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN).

The majority of our school's research is conducted through IPAN, and our course content is heavily influenced by research from the institute.

IPAN and our courses

Research from IPAN feeds directly into the development of our undergraduate and postgraduate courses

As a major Australian research institute, IPAN combines research in physical activity with nutrition research. Our course content is also particularly innovative and progressive.


IPAN is focused on improving the health of Australian communities, and preventing disease by promoting active lifestyles and healthy eating. 

Our research in nutrition and physical activity spans basic metabolism and physiology, through clinical and behavioural studies, to community and population-based research. 

Our research seeks to provide answers to some of the major chronic disease challenges. These include obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis, dementia and mental health, as well as improve quality of life for those suffering conditions such as muscular dystrophy and motor neurone disease.

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Lecturers and IPAN researchers – in one

Most teaching staff at the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences are members of IPAN and teach areas that closely align with their research interests. Teaching materials, such as case studies and assignments, are often modelled around current research evidence.

IPAN staff who are focused on full-time research also provide guest lectures and supervise research students.

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Dr Megan Teychenne

Research interests:

  • The associations between physical activity, sedentary behaviours and depression – particularly among women (including pregnant and postpartum) and socio-economically disadvantaged groups.
  • The development of strategies to promote physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviours in at-risk population groups.

Lectures in:

  • exercise behaviour
  • physical activity promotion and evaluation
  • physical activity and population health.

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Dr Anne Turner

Research interests: 

  • Stress physiology, endocrinology and the impact of stress on health.

Lectures in:

  • human structure and function
  • physiology of human growth and development
  • integrated human physiology.

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Associate Professor Lynn Riddell

Research projects:

  • Mobile app to improve iron intake, iron status, cognition and mood in premenopausal women.
  • Food choice and food behaviours in young adults.

Lectures in:

  • lifespan nutrition
  • assessing food intake and activity 
  • physiology of human growth and development.

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