DISCovery Lab

About the lab

The DISCovery Lab, located at Greenwood Park at the Melbourne Burwood Campus, is home to the school’s industry capstone program where students work on real-world problems and challenges faced by industry in an agile production environment. The lab is designed to help you apply what you’ve learnt through your IT course. You'll collaborate and engage with external organisations, work with your peers, and put theory and technical skills that you've learnt throughout your studies into practice.

To support the capstone program, the DISCovery Lab offers the perfect set-up for a modern professional workplace, with the synergy of a co-working or start-up space, a variety of work spaces and an oasis of greenery.

Girl sitting, working on laptop with students meeting in the background

Five smiling students sitting on a green lounge, with papers and laptops

Lab spaces

The DISCovery Lab includes contemporary furnishings and state-of-the-art equipment and replicates real-world facilities that foster face-to-face collaboration. High-end graphics processing unit (GPU) workstations for data crunching, room-scale VR facilities and state-of-the-art video conferencing are all on-hand for students to innovate with. These spaces include:


The Lobby offers multiple seating arrangements for smaller groups of students to meet and discuss their projects.

Squad Stations

The High Performance and BYOD (Bring your own device) Squad Stations are studio co-work spaces where students can sit down and work together. These stations include high-performance desktops and plug-in travel docking stations.

Creative and focused design spaces

Our spaces provide an environment that fosters design thinking, with the inclusion of ideation walls, smart boards and intimate spaces for concentrating on hard problems.

Troubleshooting Lounge

The Troubleshooting Lounge provides an environment for solving project challenges or flagging issues where students are encouraged to help one another overcome these issues and identify solutions.

Showcase Demo Room

The Showcase Demo Room is a multi-purpose space that can be used for workshops, meetings and presentations to showcase student projects.

Breakout cafeteria

The DISCovery Lab also has its own breakout cafeteria space where students can hang out and share ideas over a meal, tea or coffee in a relaxed space featuring artwork by urban artist Kenny Pittock.

Main pointing at diagram on ideation wall with two women watching

Facilities for practical learning

As part of the final-year capstone unit you’ll work on an industry project using the same skills and techniques championed by major corporates like ANZ, to solve interesting and complex problems facing industry and our communities. Working in multidisciplinary teams known as squads, you’ll be part of a larger tribe working collaboratively in an agile environment on a specific product.

Through the School of IT’s partnerships, you’ll get hands-on experience with novel and exciting projects. Here are a few example projects our students have worked on in the past:

  • Partnering with the AFL and AFLW to develop a version of Fantasy Footy for boys and girls, building engagement with 5 to 15 year-olds.
  • Examining blockchain and its potential to enhance the security and efficiency of personal health records.
  • Partnering with Liminal VR to develop 3–10 minute virtual reality experiences to elicit calmness (such as lying on a beach, looking at tranquil), based on psychological research about how virtual reality can be used to change moods.