Western Victoria Regional Training Hub

Deakin’s Western Victoria Regional Training (WVRT) Hub gives medical graduates, junior doctors and established medical professionals greater opportunities to live, train and work in rural and regional areas.

Based at South West Healthcare in Warrnambool, the WVRT Hub is one of 26 regional medical training hubs developed through the Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training (RHMT) program.

Pathways for postgraduate students

The establishment of the WVRT Hub has paved the way for graduate pathways that allow third and fourth year medicine students to pursue their unique passions and develop specialised skills.


There are different entry points for the medicine pathway depending on how advanced your medical career is. For example, you could start your junior training with South West Healthcare before entering into the basic physician training program in Ballarat or Geelong. This leads into the advanced physician training program rotating through Warrnambool, Ballarat and Geelong.

Find out more about the medicine pathway (PDF, 222KB)

For more more information please email Associate Professor Deb Friedman.


The well-established surgical training program rotates through Geelong, Ballarat, Hamilton and Warrnambool hospitals.

Find out more about the surgery pathway (PDF, 785 KB)

For more more information please email Professor Glenn Guest.

General practice/rural generalist

The Victorian Rural Generalist Pathway (VRGP) is a statewide end-to-end rural generalist training program that allows the future rural generalist workforce to train, work and live in rural and regional Victoria.

Trainees will gain access to training positions across a variety of clinical settings, both hospital and community based, to provide a rich clinical training experience that demonstrates the variety of rural generalist career options in Victoria.

In addition to providing a diverse and rewarding training experience, the long-term objective of the VRGP is to increase the employment of rural generalists in rural health services and communities across Victoria.

Learn more about the VRGP training program

Find out more about the GP training pathway (PDF, 758KB)

For more more information please email Associate Professor Barry Morphett.

Emergency medicine

The emergency medicine pathway is a predominantly rural pathway delivered over nine years from the middle of medical school to the completion of specialist emergency medicine training. Training rotates through Warrnambool, Ballarat and Portland hospitals.

Find out more about the emergency medicine pathway (PDF, 798KB)

For more more information please email Associate Professor Tim Baker.

Mental health

The Western Victoria is currently working with stakeholders to develop a mental health training pathway for medical professionals who are keen to work, live and train in a rural setting. Accredited rotations can be undertaken at various sites across regional Victoria.

Find out more about the psychiatry pathway (PDF, 643KB)

Our partners

The WVRT Hub works collaboratively with regional health services, state and federal governments, specialist colleges, accrediting bodies and other medical and education training providers to develop rural postgraduate pathways and provide support for specialist trainees in the region.

Upcoming events

For all enquiries regarding upcoming events, please email Cara English

Teaching on the Run (Snr: Modules 1-3)
Delivered by PVMC face-to-face or online 
8:30am | Thursday 26 November 2020

Annual Stakeholders Meeting - Online
8:30am Thursday 12th November 2020

The WVRT links Deakin's medical school with regionally-based trainees, health services, specialist colleges, accrediting bodies and state and territory governments to build training capacity in the region.

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