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Join us at QPS and be part of a team that’s striving to enhance patient health and wellbeing. Our projects focus on improving patient safety and healthcare outcomes by marrying research, education and practice to innovations in research and teaching.

Research opportunities you can work on

A number of PhD, master's and honours students enrolled in the School of Nursing and Midwifery are currently being supervised across the following areas:

  • Patient experience
  • Patient safety
  • Health workforce

Partners for successful research outcomes

We have a unique network that connects Deakin University's School of Nursing and Midwifery and its Centre for Quality and Patient Safety Research (QPS) to six major health services in Victoria.

The partnerships are committed to developing a strong interface between research, education and practice. Our partnerships have a direct impact on the quality of patient care and building capacity in the health workforce.

Honours and Masters research project opportunities

Patient Safety

  • Safe and appropriate medication management of older patients with delirium
  • Trends in the characteristics of patients presenting for cardiac surgery
  • Practices in postoperative management of anticoagulation after cardiac surgery
  • Australian survey of practices for postoperative management of cardiac surgical patients
  • Practice patterns in the acute postoperative management of pain after cardiac surgery
  • Secondary preventative discharge medications in adult patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery or percutaneous coronary intervention
  • Safe and appropriate medication management of older patients aged 90 years and over
  • Characteristics of Medication Errors Before and After Implementation of Electronic Medical Records
  • Characteristics of Single and Double Checking Medications
  • Pre-pregnancy obesity: is it associated with antenatal depression and anxiety? An exploratory study

Patient experience

  • Impact of interventions designed to promote patient participation in care on patient recovery and outcomes (medical and surgical admissions):
  • Cultural influences on family participation in care of the older person in hospital
  • Patient experience of participation in ward rounds
  • Patient experiences of clinical handover on transfer from the emergency department to the inpatient ward
  • Patient experiences of an accountable care unit
  • Family Member Experiences of Participation in ICU Care
  • ‘Sensemaking’: testing a novel tool to understand patient and staff experience
  • Involving carers in transitional and discharge care from hospital to home

Health workforce

  • Nurse experiences of accountable care units
  • Comprehensive harm prevention by nurses in acute care
  • Electronic medical records in acute nursing and midwifery practices
  • Graduate nurse experiences of novel strategies in a graduate program
  • Ten year follow up of student outcomes of Honours in Nursing
  • Factors influencing best practice approaches to facilitate student learning in the clinical setting: student consensus
  • Factors influencing best practice approaches to facilitate student learning in the clinical setting: nurse academic consensus

For further information contact:

Dr Emily Tomlinson for Honours projects

Associate Professor Melissa Bloomer for Masters research projects

PhD scholarship opportunities

Deakin University offers a number of postgraduate research scholarships for domestic and international students each year. Students can apply at any time for PhD studies with QPS.

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For further information on honours, PhD and postdoctoral opportunities, please contact us.

Research leaders

We welcome new opportunities to collaborate with research leaders who share our vision of innovative health service research, with a focus on clinical care, quality and risk management.

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