Graduate Research Academy

The GRA provides a continuum of research training and professional development for HDR students, post-doctoral research fellows, early and mid-career academics (EMCAs), as well as senior academics.

Developing future generations of thought leaders and innovators

The Deakin Graduate Research Academy (GRA) coordinates the research development of thought leaders and innovators, people with the discipline knowledge and professional skills necessary to push the frontiers of knowledge and make the world a better place in every respect. It is the fundamental purpose and high calling of research degree education and continued academic researcher training to produce individuals who epitomise this leadership.

Who benefits from the Graduate Research Academy?

HDR students

For HDR students, the GRA’s PhD Xtra program provides an opportunity to complete a tailored PhD that entails a research project, plus thesis and added benefits of accredited research training and additional program content. This leads to an enhanced learning experience, with greater breadth and depth of knowledge. Each student’s individual learning plan facilitates success through the customised provision of accredited research training modules, and optional career pathway placements that provide relevant 'industry' exposure.

Academic staff researchers

For academic staff researchers at all levels, the GRA provides HDR supervision training and certification that leads to successful supervision.

Early and Mid-Career Academic researchers

The Early and Mid-Career Academic, Research (EMCAR) Development Network provides ongoing guidance, training and support to EMCA researchers. It offers a platform for targeted training to upskill in areas that will strengthen research performance, develop sustained research capacity and support a vibrant culture of excellence.

Research partners

For Deakin's research partners, the GRA provides confidence in collaboration with Deakin. Partners can be confident that they are engaged with professionals, who are focused on continuing their own development and being at the 'cutting edge' of their respective disciplines in terms of theory and methodology. They can be assured that in taking on a PhD Xtra student for a placement or research project, that student is committed to industry engagement, their own personal learning experience and their career.

We aspire to having the highest quality HDR program, and the most supported researchers, across all career stages, in Australia.

Alfred Deakin Professor Julie Owens

Vice-Chancellor, Research

The GRA integrates our HDR Program, International Research Training and Researcher Training. The GRA has many established international partnerships in strategically-valued areas that offer opportunities for PhD students and researchers.

The PhD Xtra HDR Program oversees all facets of candidature management for students completing a higher degree by research. This includes admissions, enrolments, scholarships, examinations, online system management, and advice and support to students and staff. Improved candidature management is a strong focus and part of our commitment to continuous quality improvement.

Deakin International Research Training establishes partnerships with international universities and research institutions and coordinates the development of inter-institutional agreements, to ensure students receive a top-class research experience. We also provide guidance to Deakin researchers on establishing quality research training programs across the world.

Deakin Researcher Training is responsible for planning and delivery of training and professional development opportunities for HDR students and supervisors. This training focuses on skill development, enhanced study experience, career preparation, and improved supervision.

The EMCAR Development Network upskills EMCAs in areas that will strengthen their research performance, develop sustained research capacity and support a culture of excellence. The Network helps us to identify and mentor our future research leaders. It also provides a social outlet for EMCAs across the University to meet and discuss their experiences and ideas. With a greater focus on research across specialisations today, the Network provides an opportunity to nurture future multi-disciplinary research. It also provides a platform for EMCAs to have a voice and take an active role in their research development.

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