Start Anytime

With Deakin’s Start Anytime, you can begin a Start Anytime unit at any point throughout the year and complete it online at your own pace. If you’re looking to build your skills and fit your study around your lifestyle, Start Anytime is for you.

Start your studies when it suits you

At Deakin we understand that juggling work, life and study can be complicated. That’s why we offer Start Anytime, so that you can fit your studies around your life and other commitments.

With Start Anytime, you no longer have to wait until the usual trimester intake to start your course. You can commence a unit at the beginning of any month during the year without needing to wait. Start Anytime also allows you to fast-track and complete a unit in as little as four weeks, or you can take your time over a longer period.

Study anytime, anywhere

The unique Start Anytime learning structure offered via Deakin’s Cloud Campus allows you to study at a time and place that suits you.

Your classroom is online, so you can enjoy easy access to all the support you need, including course materials, orientation resources, and online study support. You’ll work in real time with academics and fellow students, participate in discussions, get one-on-one assistance, and receive timely feedback on your assignments.

What’s more, Start Anytime assignment deadlines are either self-selected or tailored to your progress, meaning you can complete your work within your own time.

What you can study

Start Anytime units are available in selected courses across a range of study areas, and will continue to be added to selected courses.

Business and law

Start Anytime units offered are:

^Maximum six months
*Maximum one year

These units are part of several postgraduate business degrees, including the Master of Business Analytics.

Health and social development

Start Anytime units offered are:

* Maximum one year

The Play Therapy Research Thesis is only available in the Master of Child Play Therapy.


The Start Anytime unit offered is:

HPS328 Psychology at Work (Internship)* – third-year placement unit.

* Maximum one year

To be eligible for this Start Anytime unit, students must be enrolled in Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Bachelor of Health Sciences, Bachelor of Psychological Science or Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), and must have completed the unit Preparing for Employment (HPS207) and 16 credit points.

Science, engineering and built environment

Start Anytime units offered are:

* Maximum one year

To enrol in these units, students must have an approved placement and have completed the Introductory work placement unit Career Tools for Employability (STP010).


Who can take a Study Anytime unit?

There are Study Anytime units available for a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses – it can even be your first unit of study at Deakin.

Some units may have prerequisites, which students will need to meet before commencing. Check the relevant unit or course page for more details.

How does the assessment work?

Details of the assessments for Start Anytime units are available in the relevant unit information sites.

Please refer to the University Handbook, select the year you want to complete your Start Anytime unit, and then search for the relevant unit code using the ‘Search for a Unit’ tool.

Are there any exams?

No. There are no scheduled exams in Start Anytime units.

Are there timetabled classes?

No. That’s the best part – you learn at your own pace. The unit is designed in a way that allows you to go as quickly (or slowly) as you want.

What support is available?

All students will receive a range of academic and learning support through Deakin’s Cloud Campus. You can post queries on discussion boards and your fellow students or teachers will reply. Some units also run regular online workshops or forums, so please refer to your unit site for more information. Plus, there is access to a whole range of online resources, and one-to-one support with your learning via Skype or email.

Help is also available from the Deakin Library and other areas of the university via Study Support.

What does it cost?

Start Anytime units cost the same as the normal trimester version of the units. Use our fee estimator tool to find out what the costs are.

When are my Start Anytime fees due?

The due date for fees will depend on the study period you are enrolled in. A full listing of study periods and due dates is available from the current students fees webpage.

Are Start Anytime units eligible for HELP?

Yes, normal HELP (HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP) arrangements apply for students who meet the eligibility and citizenship requirements.

Can I do more than one Start Anytime unit at the same time?

Yes, providing they fit into your course structure and your load.

Can I do a Start Anytime unit at the same time as a normal trimester unit?

Yes, you can. We recommend that all students seek advice and carefully plan each year’s unit enrolments before enrolling in a Start Anytime unit to ensure that you can complete your course within the required timelines.

The different study period dates will mean that you may complete your assessments and receive your final result at a different time to your trimester units, which may impact your ability to enrol in future units or attend your preferred graduation ceremony.

What will appear on my transcript?

The unit code, your mark, and your grade – this is the same information that you would receive for all of your other units.

Will I have access to Deakin services?

Yes! All Start Anytime units are taken online via Deakin’s Cloud Campus with a whole host of learning and student resources.

If you live near one of our campuses or learning centres you are welcome to drop in and use the services available, including printing and broadband for Skyping or watching and downloading videos, but there is no requirement for you to do so.

How do I apply?

Where there is a Start Anytime unit available in a Deakin course, you can apply to start your course at any time during the year – just select the ‘Start Anytime’ option when you choose your relevant course in the Course and Scholarship Applicant Portal.

Then, the same application process applies for Start Anytime courses as any other Deakin course. Once you have accepted your offer, you can then enrol in the relevant Start Anytime unit(s) as well as your trimester-based units.

How do I enrol?

Current students can enrol in Start Anytime units online through StudentConnect – just search for the unit code.

Some Work Integrated Learning (WIL) units will require approval by your school. If this is relevant for your unit, a notice will appear when you select the unit in StudentConnect.

We recommend that all students seek advice and carefully plan each year’s unit enrolments to ensure you can complete your course within the required timelines. Contact a student adviser in Student Central for more information.

When do I enrol?

There is an enrolment deadline and census date each month for Start Anytime units. Details can be found on our Start Anytime dates page.

Contact us

To find out more about Start Anytime units, our staff at Student Central are available to answer your queries about Start Anytime between 8.30am and 8pm Monday to Friday, and 10am to 2pm on Saturdays.