Commercial law


Also known as business law, commercial law applies to the rights, relations and conduct of people and businesses within commerce. If you’re a logical problem solver with solid written and communication skills, a career in commercial law may be for you.

Deakin's Bachelor of Laws: satisfies the VLAB academic requirements
Deakin law clinic: a community legal service with real cases and real outcomes

Career opportunities

If you have a sound understanding of business principles, the ability to solve problems logically, and excellent communications skills, a career in commercial law could be for you.

Related roles include:

  • commercial property sales manager
  • commercial contract manager
  • business manager
  • project manager
  • paralegal
  • international business lawyer
  • company secretary
  • disputes resolution practitioner
  • business and investment analyst/consultant
  • policy adviser.


Undergraduate (your first degree)

An undergraduate degree is generally completed between two to four years, depending on the pattern of study and any recognition of prior learning you may have. Associate degrees, bachelor and bachelor with honours are all undergraduate degrees.


Postgraduate (further study)

A postgraduate qualification can be undertaken by students who have already completed an undergraduate degree or possess significant, demonstrable work experience. Postgraduate courses include graduate certificates, graduate diplomas, master’s and PhDs, as well as specialist programs for industry professionals.


Higher Degrees by Research (supervised research)

Research degrees are research based master’s or PhD programs that focus on a single area of expertise. They provide students the opportunity to carry out highly specialised research under expert supervision.

The Work Placement Program was perfect – it gave first-hand insight into the legal environment of the Victorian government through a four week internship.



We specialise in commercial law

Deakin Law School is one of just a few in Australia with a broad commercial focus and an excellent reputation in this area. This focus means you can study a range of subjects, from intellectual property to Chinese commercial law.

Research with us

Make a difference to the world of commercial law by taking on a higher degree by research. We’ll help you develop research skills so you can grapple with and enhance your ideas and theories.

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Deakin’s Bachelor of Laws satisfies the academic requirements to practise as an Australian lawyer, as set by the Victorian Legal Admissions Board (VLAB).

In addition to completing an approved LLB degree, a person seeking admission is required to work for one year as a legal trainee, or to undertake a practical legal training course. They must also satisfy the requirement that they are a fit and proper person.

A law degree that can take you anywhere in the world

At Deakin, we believe some of the greatest legal lessons happen outside of the classroom. Deakin's practical learning opportunities and commercial law focus give Deakin law students the skills to work anywhere in the world.

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