Single unit applications

Most units at Deakin are also available as single (non-award) units that don't lead to degrees.

Studying a single unit is a great way to pursue personal or professional interests or see if university is right for you.

Choosing a unit

Use the Search for a unit feature in the Deakin handbook to find a non-award unit that interests you.

Search for a unit in the Deakin Handbook

* Financial planning units

The studies you'll be required to undertake as an adviser to satisfy the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority's (FASEA) education standards depends on your previous studies. If you're unsure about the pathway to becoming compliant, we can help.

FASEA has determined that existing advisers with an approved degree will be required to complete one unit covering FASEA’s Code of Ethics by no later than January 2024.

Existing advisers with a relevant degree in a related field of study will be required to complete three bridging courses (equivalent to a Deakin unit), plus one FASEA-approved unit.

Students can elect to study the bridging unit, or units, as single units of study as per the table below. All four units can be studied in the Graduate Certificate of Financial Planning.

More information on the specific education requirements can be found in the FASEA Education Requirements policy.

Learn how to enrol in a single unit

FASEA bridging course (unit)

Deakin University equivalent

Financial Advice Regulatory & Legal obligations

MLC714 Financial Advice Regulation

MLI714 Financial Advice Regulation (Intensive)

The FASEA Code of Ethics and Code Monitoring Bodies

MAA769 Ethics for Financial Services

MAI769 Ethics for Financial Services (Intensive)

Behavioural Finance: Client and Consumer behaviour, Engagement and Decision Making

MAA728 Financial Behaviour and Decision Making

MAI728 Financial Behaviour and Decision Making (Intensive)

FASEA-approved unit (Financial Advice Capstone subject)MAA727 Financial Planning Development

* Law units

You can only undertake a law unit if you're re-qualifying for practice or an overseas trained professional looking to practise in Australia. You need to be a law graduate (entitled or eligible to practise as a legal practitioner in Australia or overseas).

Australia's six states and two territories each have separate admission boards with varying requirements for law practitioners. The first step is to contact the governing body in the state in which you intend to practice.

In Victoria, this body is the Victorian Legal Admissions Board (VLAB). If you are an overseas law graduate, VLAB will assess your qualifications and determine the areas of study you need to undertake in order to qualify for practice in Victoria. VLAB will supply you with a letter outlining the unit/s you need to enrol in. This letter must be supplied with your application.

Check the VLAB table below for equivalent units of study as some units require you to enrol in two parts. For example, to complete the property unit, you'll have to undertake both MLL327 Property and MLL325 Land Law to comply.

VLAB required area of study

Deakin University equivalent

Priestley 11(Please check the Handbook for unit offerings as these are subject to change)
ContractsMLL111 Contract and
MLL215 Commercial Law
Civil Dispute Resolution

MLL391 Civil Procedure and Dispute Resolution

TortsMLL213 Torts and
MLL117 Misleading Conduct & Economic Torts (previously coded MLL217)
Criminal Law & ProcedureMLL218 Criminal Procedure and
MLL114 Criminal Law (previously coded MLL214)
Federal & State Constitutional LawMLL323 Constitutional Law
Company LawMLL331 Corporate Law
Equity (including Trusts)MLL405 Equity & Trusts
PropertyMLL327 Property and
MLL325 Land Law
Administrative LawMLL424 Administrative Law (previously coded MLL324)
EvidenceMLL334 Evidence
Ethics and Professional ResponsibilityMLL235 Legal Practice & Ethics (previously coded MLL335)

Using a single unit as a pathway to a course

If you complete a non-award unit successfully, it may be counted as credit towards a degree course at Deakin. If you enjoy your single-unit study experience at Deakin and decide to apply for an award course, submit a course application and include your completed unit on a recognition of prior learning application.

Cross-institutional unit applications

Students from other universities can apply to enrol in units at Deakin. Similarly, Deakin students can apply to enrol in units at another university.

Find out more about cross-institutional unit applications

How to apply

To apply for single-unit/non-award study, submit your application online via the Deakin Course and Scholarship applicant portal. Apply for multiple units in one trimester in a single application if you like and you'll be notified of the outcome by email. To study units in a subsequent trimester, you'll have to submit another online application.

Apply through the Deakin Application Portal

Application dates

Application dates will be listed on individual unit pages, along with closing dates for applications. Late applications for single-unit study won't be accepted.

Find out more about our key trimester dates


Deakin charges fees for single-unit/non-award enrolments as they aren't Commonwealth supported places. The cost of each unit depends on the government-classified area of study to which the unit belongs. To find information about specific unit fees check our non-award information for domestic and international students.

Check out the fee estimator

Rights and responsibilities

Just like a degree student, you'll be expected to complete all administrative, academic and examination requirements to get formal recognition that you've completed the unit properly. Once enrolled, you'll have the same rights and responsibilities as other Deakin students.

Computing requirements

At Deakin, we make extensive use of technology in our teaching. To study at Deakin you are required to have:

  • access to a device such as a desktop computer or laptop
  • connectivity to the internet
  • capability to use Deakin's online learning environments.

Learn more about Deakin's computing requirements

Financial assistance

Single-unit students aren't eligible for university loans, financial assistance from Centrelink, grants, HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP (except bridging training for overseas trained professionals who may be eligible Government assistance.)

You'll be expected to meet all costs associated with the fees for single units.

Employer or sponsor fee payments

If your single-unit fees are being paid by an employer or a sponsor, please contact