Deakin’s engineering precinct houses some of the most advanced and future-focused systems, laboratories and learning spaces in Australia. Throughout your course you will have access to our world class facilities, including our Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus, featuring over $8 million worth of high-end teaching equipment and cutting-edge technologies.

The pinnacle of engineering education

Our education emphasises the importance of design, rapid prototyping and modelling in engineering practice. Settings that support problem-based learning and project-oriented design-based learning are central to the education rationale at Deakin where the focus is on skill acquisition and application, in parallel with theoretical and scientific underpinnings.


Deakin’s campuses are vibrant and inclusive places that foster innovation. Our Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus is home to some of the most advanced research spaces in the world, including our engineering precinct. And from 2024, we are offering our engineering degree at new, purpose-built facilities at our Melbourne Burwood Campus.

Engineering precinct

Explore Deakin's state-of-the-art engineering facilities at our Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus.

Engineering precinct

Electrical and renewable energy spaces

The electrical and renewable energy labs give students, researchers and staff access to state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, including the ability to conduct a wide range of tests in a controlled environment. Discover our spaces:

High Voltage (HV) Lab

The lab is a key facility that dazzles visitors with tangible lightning bolts. It enables students and industry to utilise the number of Tesla transformers within the lab to test electrical-related experiments.

Renewable and AusNet Electrical Engineering Labs

The labs provide students with access to state-of-the-art-equipment for practicals and experiments as well as to researchers working in the field.

Design and product realisation spaces

The design and product realisation labs provide flexible spaces that allow students, researchers and staff the ability to test and turn digital designs and concepts into physical objects for prototyping, visualisation or end use. Discover our spaces:

Additive Manufacturing Lab

The lab contains a range of high-end 3D printing technologies including commercial grade 3D printers along with many smaller desktop style printers.

Digital Manufacturing Lab

The lab has high-end equipment to support students to turn digital designs into physical objects for prototyping, visualisation or end use.

Material Science Labs

Get hands-on with equipment for mechanical, chemical, physical, surface analytical and electrochemical applications. The equipment can also be used to assess corrosion on a range of metallic metals.

Mechatronics and Electronics Lab

This lab allows you to undertake practicals and experiments as well as to design, develop and integrate mechatronics technologies. It features LabVolt equipment and an area where students can design and build.

Virtual Reality (VR) Lab

The VR lab is a world-class, cutting-edge facility designed for developing VR and augmented reality (AR) solutions. The lab enables users to visualise designs, develop immersive VR environments, and to test new VR and AR technologies.

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Civil and environmental spaces

The civil and environmental spaces are purposely designed to be versatile and to support students, researchers and staff in conducting a range of tests and research into materials, physical structures and objects as well as purpose-built systems to examine our environment. Discover our spaces:

Civil Engineering Labs

These labs are designed to be versatile and reconfigurable to support a range of teaching and research activities, including the use of soil characterisation equipment and a range of hydrology and hydraulic equipment.

Environmental Engineering Labs

The Environmental Engineering Labs support both teaching and research in air pollution, waste management, water quality and treatment processes. They contain equipment for analysis and measurement and have been designed to be versatile and reconfigurable.

Structural Engineering Lab

Discover equipment for material and large-scale structural testing, durability testing of construction material, non-destructive evaluation of civil infrastructures and a mechanical workshop for sample preparation.

Fluid Labs

The Fluid labs support teaching and research activities through state-of-the-art equipment for the measurement of fluids, gases, aerosols, environmental emissions and plasmas.

Engineering Fundamentals Laboratory

The Engineering Fundamentals Laboratory allows students to learn about the principles of physics in a hands-on setting.

Students utilise PASCO scientific equipment for physics experiments on friction, spring constants and projectile practicals, and Tecquipment Load Frames for bending and stress practicals. Other concepts covered include rotational kinematics and dynamics, inertia, torque, moment of a force, electrical (charge, field and voltage) as well as vectors, statics, centre of mass and centroids.

The laboratories are used by first-year engineering students across all disciplines as well as in other years within the mechanical and civil engineering courses.

Collaborating with industry

Interaction with industry is also an important feature of the learning experience we offer. Students learn from a selection of industry-based projects and longer-term research activities. Our connection to industry extends beyond curriculum and course design to include student placements and real-world projects, research collaborations and our industry advisory group. This ensures our students gain the relevant knowledge, skills and competencies that are highly sought after by their future employers.

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Facilities to help you design and innovate

Design, innovation and practical real-world learning is at the heart of engineering at Deakin. Our engineering courses are hands-on, industry-led and let you play with some of the most exciting technology in Australia.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and lab spaces house some of the most advanced and future-focused technologies and systems. You'll get to work on real projects through industry partnerships, helping you to prepare for your career and build your network. Plus, you'll gain accreditation with Engineers Australia, meaning you'll be highly regarded and able to practise as a professional engineer in many countries around the world.

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