Our engineering facilities are located within the engineering precinct at the Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus. We house some of the most advanced and future-focused systems, laboratory and learning spaces in Australia. Our civil and environmental labs contain versatile equipment and technologies, which are tailored for teaching and research.

The pinnacle of engineering education

Our education emphasises the importance of design, rapid prototyping and modelling in engineering practice. Settings that support problem-based learning and project-orientated design-based learning are central to the education rationale at Deakin where the focus is on skill acquisition and application, in parallel with theoretical and scientific underpinnings.

Electrical and renewable energy spaces

The electrical and renewable energy labs give students, researchers and staff access to state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, including the ability to conduct a wide range of tests in a controlled environment. Discover our spaces:

Design and product realisation spaces

The design and product realisation labs provide flexible spaces that allow students, researchers and staff the ability to test and turn digital designs and concepts into physical objects for prototyping, visualisation or end use. Discover our spaces:

Civil and environmental spaces

The civil and environmental spaces are purposely designed to be versatile and to support students, researchers and staff in conducting a range of tests and research into materials, physical structures and objects as well as purpose-built systems to examine our environment. Discover our spaces:

Collaborating with industry

Interaction with industry is also an important feature of the learning experience we offer. Students learn from a selection of industry-based projects and longer-term research activities.

Industry collaboration includes guest lectures, work-integrated learning opportunities and input into the curriculum. This ensures our students gain the relevant knowledge, skills and competencies that are highly sought after by their future employers.

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Engineering facilities

Explore Deakin's state-of-the-art engineering facilities at our Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus.

Engineering Fundamentals Laboratory

The Engineering Fundamentals Laboratory allows students to learn about the principles of physics in a hands-on setting.

Students utilise PASCO scientific equipment for physics experiments on friction, spring constants and projectile practicals, and Tecquipment Load Frames for bending and stress practicals. Other concepts covered include rotational kinematics and dynamics, inertia, torque, moment of a force, electrical (charge, field and voltage) as well as vectors, statics, centre of mass and centroids.

The laboratories are used by first-year engineering students across all disciplines as well as in other years within the mechanical and civil engineering courses.

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