Deakin Digital Design and Engineering Centre

The Deakin Digital Design and Engineering Centre (3DEC) was established to lead the way in creating holistic, product-focused digital design and engineering solutions. The centre focuses on integrating 3D digital technologies, developing innovative applications and using technology to improve social outcomes for the community.

Our research

Deakin’s Digital Design and Engineering Centre (3DEC) combines design and engineering innovation with cutting-edge digital fabrication and sensor technology expertise. This collaboration is based on three core values:

  1. Integrating multi-disciplinary ingenuity
  2. People-centred solutions
  3. Improving social, economic and environmental outcomes through digital technology innovations

3DEC applies these principals to key challenges facing Australia today: digital transformation in health and society, digital disruption in manufacturing and digital innovation in infrastructure.

Led by world-class researchers and powered by state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, our labs span a broad range of emerging areas, from cyber-human-physical systems and 4D printing, to metal additive manufacturing and particle engineering.

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