ELICOS Association
Educational Access and Counselling (a unit within DSL)- provides personal counselling and tips for students to help them get through University. Appointments to see counsellors can be made at reception in the Division of Student Life on all campuses.
English for Academic Purposes or Employee Assistance Program
Easy Touch
Deakin's standard system for control of Audio Visual equipment in automated lecture theatres.
Electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form to request for Commonwealth support and HECS-HELP. Also for full-fee students to request FEE-HELP.
Electronic Commonwealth Assistance Notice, shows HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP and OS-HELP contributions and amounts reported to the Australian Taxation Office
School of Education
Education Abroad
Area within Deakin International with overall responsibility for the coordination of international study experiences.Education Abroad has prime responsibility for Exchange and Study Abroad programs and liaises with faculties providing other international study experience for Deakin students.
Equity and Equal Opportunity Unit (now Student Equity)
English as a Foreign Language
Equivalent Full-Time Student Load.
EFTSU was the term ' Equivalent Full-time Student Unit' used in publications and data prior to 2005.
School of Engineering and Information Technology
elective unit
A unit not prescribed as a core part of a course but may be undertaken and credited towards the course.
English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students
Eluminate Live: eLive is a world-class, real-time training, demonstration and collaboration environment that is powerful, flexible and easy to use. It enables the delivery of live, online learning, training, coaching, mentoring and meetings.
A restriction placed on a student's enrolment for breaching specified due dates or conditions relating to matters such as enrolment fees, library loans, residential fees or student loans. Encumbrances limit students' access to services provided by the University. Such encumbrances block provision of a range of important services, such as library access, result release and graduation.
Enrolment mode
Enrolment mode identifies how a student undertakes more than 50% of the compulsory contact hours for the Unit. The remainder of the any compulsory contact hours can take any form of Campus or Cloud (online). All students are expected to use the University's online system to access their learning resources and engage with teaching staff and peers.
enrolment officer
A person appointed by a Dean to provide advice on a student's proposed course of study and to approve that course of study when it complies with the requirements of the relevant course.
School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
Equivalent National Tertiary Entrance Rank
English as a Second Language
eSupported Learning Systems
Education Services for Overseas Students Act. Education Services for Overseas Students - part of the legislative framework that determines standards and compliance issues in delivering on campus education programs to international students.
English for Specific Purposes
Deakin's standard and supported email client software.
Termination by the University of a student's enrolment and of the right to re-enrol in a unit or course.
exempt unit
A unit that a student is excused from taking on the basis of prior knowledge and skills and for which replacement studies are not required. Advanced standing is granted for the unit.
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