Your invoice

How to view your invoice in StudentConnect

After logging in to StudentConnect, go to the 'View invoice' link under the 'Fees and payments' heading on the sidebar menu.

A PDF version of the invoice can be viewed and printed. This can be done by clicking on the 'Print Friendly Version' button located at the bottom of your invoice.

Deakin does not provide paper invoices. It is your responsibility to ensure your financial obligations to the University are met by the relevant invoice due dates.

You should view your invoice for each study period and after any changes to your enrolment to check the accuracy of your enrolment and the amount to be paid/deferred.

Understanding your invoice

This page explains what information is on the invoice and what some of the codes mean. We also have some Frequently Asked Questions about invoices and enrolment.

PDF Booklet for download

Understanding your Deakin invoice

PDF 1.20MB

Your Deakin invoice showing the 4 main sections: Invoice overview, Course and Enrolment details, Fee summary and Payment slip.

Invoice overview

Date of issue
The date the invoice was created.
Due date
The date by which your fees must be paid. Failure to pay by this date may lead to termination of your enrolment.
Student number
Your student identification number.
Total amount due
Total fees to be paid on your enrolment.
Tax file number supplied
This indicates if you have supplied your tax file number for the purpose of HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP or OS-HELP. If this indicates ‘NO’ and you wish to access these loans, contact Customer Service or complete the eCAF on StudentConnect.
Student name and address
Your name and current postal address.

Your Deakin invoice overview with explanations of key areas.

Course and unit enrolment details

This section includes:

Course code and name
The code and name of the course you are enrolled in.
Unit code and title
This is a list of units.
Student status
This indicates if the unit is charged as Commonwealth supported domestic fee paying or international fee paying. View a list of codes and definitions.
Unit Amount
The cost of each unit.

Your Deakin invoice Course and unit enrolment details with explanations of key areas.

Fee summary

This section includes:

Fee type
The type of fee being charged. Examples include:
  • Domestic tuition fee
  • International tuition fee
  • Graduation fee
  • Exam fee
Student amount owing
Total fees to be paid* based on your enrolment as at the date of issue.
Student payments
Shows any payments made so far for this study period.
Sponsored amount
Total fees to be paid by a third party (eg. employer or scholarship).

* Commonwealth supported student

If you are a Commonwealth supported student with an active HELP form. for either your tuition fee/student contribution (HECS-HELP) or Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) (SA-HELP), these fees will not show in the Student Amount Owing column if:

  • Tuition fees - you have nominated in your Commonwealth Assistance Form you wish to defer your fees to HECS-HELP and/or
  • SSAF - you have an active SA-HELP form
  • If on your Commonwealth Assistance Form, you nominated to pay your tuition fees upfront, your tuition fees will show as owing. This means you are responsible for paying your tuition fees on time by the invoice due date. If you provided your Tax File Number (TFN) with your Commonwealth Assistance Form any amount of tuition fee outstanding as at the Census date will be transferred to the ATO as part of your accumulated HELP debt. You can see if your TFN  has been supplied by looking at the top section of your invoice, in the row called 'Tax File Number Supplied', Yes means you have supplied your TFN, No means you have not supplied your TFN.

    Your Deakin invoice Fee Summary with explanations of key areas.

    Payment slip

    How to pay your fees. Only pay by one of the options below:

    Pay online using Bpay. Contact your bank or financial institution to make this payment from cheque, savings, debit, credit card or transaction account. More info at
    Payment by telephone
    Phone to pay using credit card or pre-registered account. Call 13 18 16 to pay by Mastercard or Visa. From overseas +61 13 18 16 (Note International call charges apply).
    Payment by internet
    Pay online using credit card or pre-registered account. visit or pay online via StudentConnect.
    Payment by person
    Payment at any Australia Post outlet. Payments may be made by cash, cheque, cheque, EFTPOS debit card, Mastercard or Visa.

    Your Deakin invoice Payment slip with explanations of key areas.

    Codes and definitions

    HECS-HELP liable status
    201 Fees deferred to HECS-HELP
    202 Upfront payment with discount (HECS) prior to 2017 and from 1 January 2021
    204-E Full upfront payment - HECS-HELP eligible (replaced student status 202 from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2020)
    203 Upfront payment with no discount (HECS) prior to 2017 and from 1 January 2021
    204-I Full upfront payment - HECS-HELP ineligible (replaced student status 203 from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2020)
    FEE-HELP liable students status
    230 Defer all or part payment of tuition fee to FEE-HELP
    231 Defer all or part payment of tuition fee to FEE-HELP for Employer reserved places
    233 Defer all or part payment of tuition fee to FEE-HELP for Bridging training for overseas trained professionals
    Other student status
    301 Domestic student enrolled in a non-award course (other than an enabling course)
    302 Domestic student required to pay tuition fees upfront
    303 Paid Full Employer Reserved course tuition fee
    310 International students required to pay tuition fees upfront
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