OnTrack is a web assessment tool that provides students with a task oriented approach to portfolio assessment to stay aligned by completing tasks as part of their learning. Students will work through a series of tasks in order to achieve a target grade to complete their unit learning outcomes.

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Customise Profile

In OnTrack, your profile contains the following customisable information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Preferred Name
  • Email
  • Avatar
  • Analytics

To customise your profile:

  1. Log in to OnTrack.
  2. Click on the dropdown in the top right corner of the screen and select Profile.
  3. You are able to customise all the profile fields in OnTrack.
  4. If you make changes, remember to click Save.

Note: OnTrack uses Gravatar for changing your profile picture, selecting change avatar will open the appropriate Gravatar documentation.

Change Target Grade

In OnTrack, your target grade indicates to both you and the teaching staff how you are looking to approach your unit of study.

There are four target grades:

  • P - Pass Grade
  • C - Credit Grade
  • D - Distinction Grade
  • HD - High Distinction Grade

The target grade selected in OnTrack changes the sequence and number of tasks which need to be completed in order to achieve that grade.

For example, there may be 20 Pass tasks in a unit which need to be completed to achieve a Pass grade, however, to achieve a Credit grade you would need to complete all of the Pass tasks and the Credit tasks.

To change your target grade:

  1. Log in to OnTrack.
  2. Select the unit for which you’d like to change the target grade.
  3. From the main overview page, select the Target Grade dropdown.
  4. Then select your appropriate target grade.
  5. You will notice the task list on the left immediately update to indicate which tasks you now need to complete.

For further questions on how your unit is graded, please contact your unit chair.


  • Administrator - Someone who has permissions within OnTrack to create and manage the OnTrack system. May or may not be a member of teaching staff.
  • Unit Chair/Convenor - The teaching staff member primarily involved with running a unit.
  • Tutorial - A group of students within a unit grouped by time and location. Campus tutorials have a room number, cloud tutorials may not.
  • Tutor - A member of the teaching staff, who is responsible for the marking of student task submissions for a given unit’s tutorial.
  • Unit - The subject or unit of study, for example: Introduction to Philosophy.
  • Task - An individual piece of work a student may be asked to complete in a unit.
  • Learning Outcomes - The academic outcomes which students will achieve at the completion of a unit.
  • Task Alignment - How closely a given task is associated with each of the learning outcomes.
  • Task Status/Task Grade - One of the possible task statuses a task can be on:
    • Fail - Not successfully met the requirements of the task.
    • Feedback Exceeded - Task has been submitted too many times, with the teaching staff concluding that the student is not heeding feedback.
    • Redo - The task has been assessed to be of low quality, or inappropriate, and should be restarted.
    • Fix and Resubmit - The task is on the right track, but needs to be improved or fixed.
    • Discuss - The tutor is happy with the submission, and would like to discuss the task with the student.
    • Demonstrate - The tutor is happy with the submission, and would like the student to demonstrate the work.
    • Complete- The tutor is happy with the submission, and it is ready for inclusion in the portfolio.
  • Portfolio - A collection of student tasks (submissions) throughout a unit, which provides evidence of student learning. Student and tutor comments are included in the final document, and it is this document which is used to assess a final grade for the student.
  • Target Grade - The grade which a student is aiming for, which dictates the sequence of tasks which should be completed in the unit. One of: Pass, Credit, Distinction, High Distinction.
  • Task Inbox - The list of tasks which have been submitted by students, for assessment and feedback from the student’s tutor.
  • Task Definition - An assignment-like document which details what is expected and required of students for satisfactory completion.
  • Plagiarism - In OnTrack, plagiarism refers to a report containing information about a possible case of student plagiarism.
  • Gravatar - The system which provides profile-photo support in OnTrack.
  • Student Groups - groups of students either within a tutorial or a unit, which allows submission of group work, rather than individual task submissions.
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