Statutory Declarations and Document Certification

The Office of General Counsel Statutory Declaration and document certification service to students is currently unavailable.

A list of persons authorised to take a Statutory Declaration and certify documents can be found on the Victorian Department of Justice website.

Statutory Declarations

A Statutory Declaration is a legal document which the maker must sign in the presence of an authorised witness, declaring that the information it contains is true and correct.

A standard form Statutory Declaration is provided below. Please complete the form but do not sign it.  It must be signed in the presence of a person qualified to witness Statutory Declarations:

When presenting to make a Statutory Declaration, please ensure that you have photo identification with you.  The authorised witness must sight your identification before they can take a Statutory Declaration.

Document Certification

Please ensure that you have made copies of the documents you need certified, and that you have the original documents with you when attending.

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