Overdue fees, encumbrances and termination

All students are required to pay their tuition fees on time. Paying your fees late may put your enrolment at risk.

Overdue fees

If you do not pay your fees in full by the invoice due date or if eligible, applied to defer them to the HELP (Higher Education Loan Program) scheme you will be sent an Overdue Notice via email.

If your fees are overdue this will lead to encumbrances, late-fees or even termination of your enrolment. Outstanding fees will impact your ability to enrol in a new course.

You can pay fees using a number of payment options, late payments must be received before the applicable census date to avoid penalties or termination of your enrolment.

International students are reminded that it is a condition of your student visa to make sure your fees are paid by the due date.

Please contact Student Central for assistance.


If you do not follow University procedures or due dates for fees, library borrowing, loans etc. an encumbrance will be placed on your student record.

Encumbrances block provision of a range of important services such as library access, results release, enrolment and graduation.

Where an encumbrance is applied, students are advised by letter the reason for the  encumbrance and the steps required to have the encumbrance removed.

To have a fee related encumbrance lifted you must make payment directly to Student Central. Once your payment has been received it may take up to 48 hours for the encumbrance to be removed from your record. Other payment methods may take up to 5 working days to be processed.

Outstanding library fees or fines can be paid at Library invoice payments.

An encumbrance will be placed on your record after the census date if you owe $30 or over.

  • international student who has overdue tuition fees.
  • domestic students who has overdue Student Services and Amenities Fees
  • domestic student who has overdue full-fee tuition fees.

If you owe more than $300 your enrolment will be terminated, please refer to Termination of enrolment due to non-payment of fees.

If you are unsure why you have an encumbrance or how much it is contact Student Central.

Termination of enrolment due to non-payment of fees

Commonwealth Supported students

If you are enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP), all tuition fees must be paid in full by the invoice due date. If your tuition fees are not paid in full your enrolment will be terminated and you will lose your place at the University.

If you owe more than $300 in total for the Student Services and Amenities Fees and other fees, your enrolment will be terminated.

A terminated enrolment means you will no longer be considered a student of the University and will lose access to all Deakin University services including CloudDeakin, email, StudentConnect and the library.

If your enrolment is terminated for non-payment of an up-front student contribution and you have not provided your tax file number, you cannot have your enrolment re-instated for that study period. This is in accordance with Commonwealth legislation. However you may be able to apply for re-admission in the next study period.

All other students

Your enrolment will be terminated if you have breached specified due dates and owe more than $300 in total. This is a total amount across all study periods and all fees.

When your enrolment is terminated you will no longer be considered a student and will lose access to all Deakin University services including CloudDeakin, email, StudentConnect and the library.

You can apply for re-instatement in the same academic period, provided you pay all outstanding fees and charges and do not hold a CSP. A re-instatement charge of $275 will apply.

An application for re-instatement must be made within 2 weeks of your enrolment being terminated. Your enrolment will not be re-instated into the study period after this time. 
If you do not wish to have your enrolment re-instated into the same academic year, you will need to apply for re-admission if you wish to return to study.

Need help?

If you experience difficulties in generating your invoice or if any of the information on your invoice is incorrect or incomplete, contact Student Central for help.

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