Change your enrolment details

If you want to make changes to your enrolment, we recommend you seek advice first. Here is some information to assist on how to add, drop or change units or make a course change.

Add, drop or change units

Course advice

You should always seek advice from a Student Adviser before making any changes to your enrolment. Enrolment variations must adhere to the course and unit rules for your course. They can help you make the change, but also point you in the right direction if you need some study support to keep you on track.

If you have any difficulty changing your enrolment online then you should seek advice from a Student Adviser and submit an Enrolment Variation form (PDF, 243.1KB) to them.

Full time or Part time study

With most courses you have the option to switch your study load between part time and full time by changing the number of units you are enrolled in.

Each unit (subject) is generally worth one credit point. If you're enrolled in three or more credit points in a trimester or semester, you're considered a full time student. Any less and you’re considered a part time student.

Please note that changing your enrolment load from full time to part time will have implications on Austudy, Abstudy or Youth Allowance, if you are currently in receipt of one of these. Please refer to the Department of Human Services for more information.

Where to add, drop or change units

If you want to change your enrolment in any trimester of study, vary your enrolment online in StudentConnect.  It is important to know, you cannot drop a unit verbally, either in-person or over the phone.

When your unit changes has been saved in StudentConnect, you'll see a receipt on the screen.

Dates to change units by

It is important that you are aware of the dates for adding and deleting units for each trimester. These dates affect the result for the unit and if fees are payable. You should check important dates for your study period to see when the last day to withdraw or add units is, and how withdrawal dates and penalties may affect your fees and your Academic Transcript.

For information on refunds for domestic students visit:

For information on refunds and the academic outcome for the unit for international students visit:

Academic implications when withdrawing from units

If you withdraw early from a unit before the census date, with a status of WE (Withdrawn Early), this unit does not appear on your Academic Transcript.

Withdrawing after census date will mean that you will receive either a WL (Withdrawn Late) or WN (Withdrawn Fail) depending on the date.

Domestic students commencing from the 1 January 2022 will also be monitored by Deakin for low completion and any fail grades, WL or WN will count towards these checks. A low completion rate can result in you losing your Commonwealth supported place and/or no longer having access to HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP (as relevant) for your course.

Fee implications when withdrawing from units

If you vary your enrolment, your tuition fees and the Student Services and Amenities Fee (if applicable) may be reassessed. You can check your fees through your invoice in StudentConnect. If you have incurred a fee by withdrawing late, you may wish to apply for a remission of debt in special circumstances or a refund of credit balance where applicable if you withdraw from units after the census dates. Visit the Fees webpage to find out more.

Overloading units

Overloading is the enrolment in more credit points in a study period than would normally be permitted in a full-time study load. You may request to overload a particular study period, however you must demonstrate capacity to succeed and meet specific criteria. You can find further information, the criteria required and application form at Request to overload in a study period.

Waive a prerequisite or corequisite

If you wish to undertake a unit without having completed the prerequisite or corequisite unit, you may request to waiver the unit. Find out more about the criteria required to be considered for a waiver and then complete the Request to waive prerequisite or corequisite form.

Make a course change

You may wish to change some of your courses details:

Study abroad and exchange students

Changing units is a little different depending on whether you are an outbound or inbound exchange student.

Outbound students

If you are currently on exchange at one of Deakin's partner universities, and wish to alter your enrolment, you will need to contact your faculty office. Please bear in mind that you must notify Deakin and the host institution in writing within the appropriate timeframes for both institutions and complete another enrolment form. Failure to do so may result in financial liability and/or a grade failure.

Inbound exchange students

To change units you will need to ensure that you have approval from your home university. Please ensure you have understood the deadlines for varying your enrolment at both institutions. Please contact your faculty office to ensure you are able to enrol in your chosen units.

Your enrolment responsibility

You are responsible for ensuring that your enrolment is correct in every detail. You must make changes to enrolment by the relevant dates. Late changes may result in academic and/or financial penalties.

You can maintain many aspects of your enrolment through StudentConnect. Information about how to do this can be found below. If you find some aspect of your details to be incorrect and you can't amend them yourself, please contact Student Central.

If you receive any kind of Commonwealth financial assistance or a scholarship, check whether the changes to your enrolment will affect your eligibility for the scholarship or Youth Allowance before changing your enrolment.

You must also ensure that fee and University deadlines are met (refer to Important dates).

If you are an international student, check if the change will breach the terms of your student visa.

Need help?

If you have any problems with messages on StudentConnect, check through

Visit the change your personal details webpage if you need to update your name, gender or address.

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