Course transfer

Apply for a course transfer if you want to change your enrolment to a new course, campus or mode

Who can apply?

Any student who is currently enrolled in an award course can apply to transfer.

You must re-enrol in your existing course by the re-enrolment deadline if your Course/Campus Transfer Application form has not been processed. By re-enrolling you avoid the late re-enrolment fee. Please refer to your Faculty specific course transfer rules when applying.

Arts and Education

Current Deakin students are able to transfer into a Faculty of Arts and Education course, provided the listed criteria below are met.

Undergraduate courses

Students must meet the following requirements;

  1. For course or campus transfers, students must have completed at least one trimester and at least 2 credit points in their current course (excluding those for which they have received credit for prior learning) to be eligible to transfer into a single Arts degree and a minimum of 4 credit points completed in current course to be eligible to transfer into a combined degree.
  2. For a course transfer into A306 Bachelor of International Studies (Global Scholar) and A401 Bachelor of Arts Advanced (Honours), students require a minimum of 4 Deakin credit points completed.
  3. Students must achieve the WAM requirement as per Table 1. Course Transfer WAM Requirements as well as meeting  any specific requirements for the course such as CASPer or folio submissions;
  4. Student to provide written statement indicating reason(s) for transfer request; AND
  5. Students in combined degrees wishing to transfer into either single degree may do so without meeting WAM requirement.
Course Transfer WAM Requirements
Course typeMinimum WAM & CPS
Arts 50, 2cps
D303 50, 4cps
D304 60, 4cps
D305 50, 4cps
Education 65, 2cps
Health combined 65, 4cps
Commerce combined# 65, 4cps
Law combined# 70, 4cps
A306 Bachelor of International Studies (Global Scholar) Above 75, 4cps
A401 Bachelor of Arts - Advanced (Honours) Above 75, 4cps

Postgraduate courses

You must meet the following:

  1. For course or campus transfers, students must have completed at least one trimester and at least 2 credit points in the course in which they are enrolled in at the time of application for transfer; AND
  2. Students must meet any specific requirements for admission into the new course.

Reasons you should apply

You apply for a course transfer for the following reasons:

  • changing courses
  • changing mode (between cloud and campus)
  • changing campus (from one campus to another).

Seek advice before you apply

Before applying for a course transfer, you should contact a Student Adviser for advice.

  • Contact your current Student Adviser
  • Contact the Student Adviser from your intended course(s).  If you are unsure which area of the University to contact please look for the course in the Handbook to find contact information.
  • Selection for course transfers is based on availability of places and academic performance.
  • If approved, a course transfer may increase the time it takes to complete your degree as all the units you've completed so far may not count towards your new course.
  • International students should consider how a course transfer may affect their visa status.

How to apply

You need to complete a Course/Campus Transfer application form (PDF, 311.6KB) and email it to your faculty:

Only an editable pdf submitted via email will be accepted. Submission of the application does not guarantee a course transfer. Selection is based on the availability of places and academic performance.

When to apply

Deadlines for submission of a course transfer to a faculty (Domestic) or Deakin International Admissions (International) are:

Course transfer submission deadline dates for International and domestic students.
Trimester International students Domestic students
Trimester 2 2019 7 June 2019 30 June 2019
Trimester 3 2019 28 September 2019 30 October 2019
Trimester 1 2020 26 October 2019 30 November 2019

Outcome of your application

You will be notified by your Faculty about the outcome of your application.

If unsuccessful, please discuss your options with your Student Adviser.

Processing of your Course Transfer Enrolment form

When processed your course change will be seen in StudentConnect.

If you have changed course codes as a result of your course transfer and have a new fee arrangement of:
Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP)
Australian Fee Paying 
if you wish to take up HECS HELP, FEE HELP or SA HELP then you must go onto StudentConnect and complete the electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (ecaf) again.

Please note if you are studying in the current trimester, your course transfer won't be processed until results have been released.

If you have any questions about the progress of your application contact your Student Adviser.

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