Deakin Behavioural Lab

The Deakin Behavioural Lab brings together business academics, industry leaders and Deakin students to conduct high-quality behavioural research that examines issues critical to business, consumers and society.

About us

The Deakin Behavioural Lab operates within the Deakin Business School. Our research team is made up of academics from the economics, law, management, finance and marketing disciplines.

The core aim of our lab is to provide exceptional, multifaceted research in a contemporary setting. We deliver cross-disciplinary, evidence-based research of the highest quality, targeted at top-tier academic journals, and which also meets industry needs and standards.

We achieve this exemplary level of research through the use of cutting-edge technology and a dynamic research team specialising in experimental design and behavioural research.

Behavioural science plays an integral role in our ability to develop world-class research that informs academia, business managers and society. This crucial and insightful research impacts the scholarly world, enhances students' learning and reinforces our strong ties to industry.

Research focus

All of our research has behavioural science at its core. This research takes the form of studies and experiments conducted at Deakin's Melbourne Burwood Campus with state-of-the-art lab equipment including:

  • break-out space for participant interactions
  • computer and laptop terminals
  • implicit attitude measurement
  • emotion recognition
  • thermal cameras
  • virtual reality technology.

Leadership team

Dr Jeffrey Rotman
Department of Marketing

Dr Aaron Nicholas
Department of Economics

Dr Virginia Weber
Department of Marketing

Associate Professor Josh Newton
Department of Marketing

Harleen Dhillon
Lab Manager

Student participation

The Deakin Behavioural Lab engages participant groups made up of Deakin students interested in behavioural business research. You can sign-up to take part in both business experiments and economics experiments.

Contact us

Faculty of Business and Law
Deakin University
Melbourne Burwood Campus 
221 Burwood Highway
Burwood Victoria 3125