Deakin Rural Health

Deakin Rural Health aims to promote the health and wellbeing of people living in south-west Victoria. We offer comprehensive support for students on clinical placements from Deakin University and other institutions, and work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Aboriginal health professionals and services to build service capacity and undertake locally relevant research.

About DRH

Deakin Rural Health (DRH) has a focus on student placement support, community engagement and rural health research. DRH offers programs to assist, educate and support both students and health professionals undertaking placements or working in the south-west Victoria region. Our research program focuses on improving the health, social and economic burdens imposed by chronic disease in regional Victoria. We embrace a commitment to support the improved health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

DRH was formed in 2016 as part of the Commonwealth Government's Rural Health Multi-Disciplinary Training Program (RHMT). RHMT is a national initiative to build and sustain the rural health workforce by supporting training and research programs throughout rural and remote Australia.

DRH is one of 15 University Department of Rural Health (UDRH) groups around Australia supported by the Australian Rural Health Education Network (ARHEN). UDRHs are the only rurally based academic facilities that work with all health disciplines at both tertiary (undergraduate and postgraduate) levels and the current workforce.

Student support and accommodation

Our Student Support Program provides assistance and accommodation for students undertaking placements in South West Victoria.

Learn more about our Student Support Program

Mental health education and training

DRH provides mental health education and training to both students on placement and organisations in regional Victoria.

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Indigenous health

Our work in the region focuses on generating more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduates in the health sector and developing research activity in the fields of community-developed models of health care. Through our research, we also aim to increase the engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in south-west Victoria.

We offer unique hybrid nursing placements that are the result of a partnership between Budja Budja Aboriginal Cooperative, Stawell Regional Health and DRH. Students placed at Stawell Regional Health spend time at Budja Budja Aboriginal Cooperative, gaining valuable skills as they immerse themselves in many aspects of Indigenous health.

Our staff

Research staff

Research Fellow
Andrea Hernan
Associate Research Fellow
Hannah Beks 
Research Assistant
Dr Marley Binder 
Associate Research Fellow
Geraldine Ewing
Research Fellow
Chris Healey
Research Fellow
Mary Malakellis
Research Assistant
Meg Murray
Senior Research Fellow
Kate Schlicht
Clinical Associate Professor
Dr Anna Wong Shee

Professional staff

Administrative Assistant
Gill Beard
Administrative Assistant
Geraldine Ewing
Rural Multidisciplinary Student Support Officer
Angela McLaren
Rural Multidisciplinary Placement Coordinator
Melanie Robertson
Project Coordinator
Peta Trinder
Rural Multidisciplinary Student Support Officer and Rural Multidisciplinary Placement Coordinator
Amanda Urquhart

Contact us

Deakin Health enquiries

Phone +61 3 5563 3035
Email Deakin Rural Health

Warrnambool office

Phone +61 3 5563 3504
Address: Building D Level 2
Deakin University, Princes Hwy (PO Box 423)
Warrnambool, Victoria 3280

Hamilton office

Phone +61 3 5563 3035
Address: 20 Foster Street (PO Box 283)
Hamilton, Victoria 3300