Faculty staff

The Faculty of Health has a team of over 50 people, led by Acting Executive Dean, Alfred Deakin Professor Maxine Duke.


Executive Dean Faculty of Health
Professor Rachel Huxley

Executive Officer and Assistant
Joell Murray

Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning
Professor Lynn Riddell

Associate Dean, International
Professor David Austin

Associate Dean, Research
Professor Trish Livingston

Head of School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
Alfred Deakin Professor David Crawford

Acting Head of School of Health and Social Development
Professor Jennifer Watts

Head of School of Nursing and Midwifery
Professor Nikki Phillips

Dean of School of Medicine
Professor Gary Rogers

Head of School of Psychology
Professor Jane McGillivray

Faculty General Manager
Erin Colegate

Deputy Faculty General Manager
Melinda Thomas

Functional groups

Faculty General Managers

Faculty General Manager
Erin Colegate
Deputy Faculty General Manager
Melinda Thomas
Project Coordinator
Carolyn Schofield
Zoe Bull

Biostatistics Unit

Director, Biostatistics Unit
Professor Liliana Orellana
Associate Professor, Biostatistics
Steve Bowe
Senior Research Fellow, Biostatistics
Dr Mohammadreza Mohebbi          
Research Fellow, Biostatistics
Helena Romaniuk
Associate Research Fellow, Biostatistics
Denise Becker

Academic Governance and Curriculum

Academic Governance and Curriculum Manager
Linda Levey          
Senior Curriculum Officer
Catherine Martinson
Senior Curriculum Officer
Jessica Joldzic
Curriculum Coordinator
Allyce Cowan
Academic Governance Coordinator
Kathryn Ingle
Curriculum and Governance Officer
Joanne Coates

Business Services

Business Services Senior Coordinator
Janelle Pearce
Business Services Coordinator
Jill Delany
Business Services Officer
Anita Armour
Business Services Officer
Casey Feldman
Business Services Officer
Kate Walter
Business Services Officer
Anna Horn
Business Services Officer
Beatrice Haselroither
Senior Planning Analyst
Deb Clarke
Senior Analyst, Information and Planning
Tamara Harvey

Educational Development Unit


Manager, Digital Teaching and Learning Environments
Gareth Livingstone

Lecturer in Digital Learning
Dionne Holland          
e-Learning Designer
Jane Acopian

Senior eLearning Developer
Erin Hill

Senior Learning Designer
Liza Marsh

eLearning Developer
Kristy Anderson
Learning Environments Developer
Ismail Zengin

e-Learning Developer
Erin Burton

Learning Environment Officer
Kate Pesa

Learning Designer
Peter Bright

Learning Designer
René Bennett

Learning Designer
Grant Wells

Learning Designer
Kavita Kaur

Health, Safety and Environment

Health, Safety and Environment Manager
Brendan Henderson

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Coordinator
Ryan Pane

Student Experience

Manager, Student Experience

Shufen Lin

Senior Student Experience Coordinator
Jane Andrews
Student Experience Coordinator
Peer Support and Transition Coordinator
Emma Smith
Peer Support and Communication Officer

Alanah Scott

Faculty Timetable Coordinator
Helen McAllister          
Timetable Office
Celeste Thorn
Academic Progress and Integrity Officer
Emilya Umashankar
Academic Progress and Integrity Officer
Ara Shivanath
Academic Progress and Integrity Officer

Morgan Newman

Academic Progress and Integrity Officer

Kelly Archer

Academic Progress and Integrity Officer
Allan Domantay
Academic Progress and Integrity Coordinator
Amy Chen-Hoi
Senior Student Experience Officer
Lisa Resuggan
Senior Student Experience Officer
Kerry Becchetti
Student Experience Officer
Grace Sinclair
Student Experience Officer
Natalie Petrellis
Acting Student Experience Officer

Frances Noviello

Student Experience Officer

Stacey Cariotis

Student Experience Officer

Atticus Gray


Marketing Manager
Grace Darken 
Senior Marketing Officer, Creative
Renee Chaviaras 
Senior Marketing Officer, Communications

Lucy Ayers

Marketing Coordinator, Recruitment and Events
Aredi Nozohour
Marketing Officer, Recruitment and Events
Kate Crawley
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Christie Wilson
Digital Marketing Officer
Karyn Vanderbom

Digital Content Editor
Emma Morgan

International and Partnerships

International and Partnerships Manager
Izabela Sulek          
Senior International Officer
Nadeeka Colley
International Coordinator (Recruitment)

Lin Zhang

International Coordinator (Student Mobility and Engagement)

Jerome Otton

International Transition and Engagement Officer

Abigail Sia


Research Manager
Steven Sawyer
Senior Adviser, Research Development

Dr Amy Mulholland

Coordinator, Research Partnerships

Paula De’Ath

Research Administrative Officer
Kerrie Lawrence

Senior Research Administrative Officer
Dr Barbara Lavelle
HDR Support Coordinator

Katharine Smith

HDR Support Officer

Debbie Evans

HDR Support Office

Rajiv Thapa

Grants Support Officer
Krys Mossop

Research Coordinator (PSY)
Gwynfa Morgan

Research Coordinator (SONM)
Andrea Godfrey

Research Coordinator (HSD)
Muhammad Haseeb

Information Communication and Technology

Information Communication and Technology Manager

Colin Fee

Research Technology Architect

Seung-Chul O (Eric)

Web Application Developer
Matthew Berends
Web Application Developer

Siang Lim

ICT Coordinator

Luke Barisic

ICT Coordinator
Ben Letson

Work Integrated Learning

Work Integrated Learning Manager
Andrea Nazzari
Senior Contracts and Partnerships Officer
Simone Russell
Senior Work Integrated Learning Officer

Lauren Dinale

Contact us

For undergraduate and postgraduate student support please contact: health-enquire@deakin.edu.au or call (03) 9251 7777 (+61 3 9251 7777)

For research and HDR enquires please contact: hthres@deakin.edu.au or call (03) 9251 7174 (+61 3 92517174 - International)

If you wish to provide concerns or complaints regarding the Faculty of Health for any student related matters, please contact the designated Faculty of Health contact: Shufen Lin: shufen.lin@deakin.edu.au or call (03) 9246 8030.