Maths Eligibility Assessment

If you'd like to study engineering or IT at Deakin, but don't think you meet the maths prerequisite entry requirements, the Maths Eligibility Assessment (MEA) could be an entry pathway for you. It's designed to help demonstrate that you have the mathematics skills needed for your course.

Please note: the MEA has been temporarily suspended for 2022. The final test for the year was held 27 January 2022

Your pathway into Deakin

If you've successfully met the English and course entry requirements for admission into relevant engineering and IT courses, but don't have evidence of meeting the prerequisite mathematics listed in the course entry requirements, you may be eligible to take the MEA.

The MEA is a 1.5 hour written test that assesses a candidate's ability to do algebra, calculus and statistics at a level equivalent to VCE Mathematical Methods.


For applicants applying directly to Deakin

If you're eligible to take the MEA our admissions team will contact you via email explaining how to register for your preferred test date. You may also wish to complete the MEA registration form to indicate your exam date preference.

For applicants applying through VTAC

You must complete the MEA registration form indicating your exam date preference, before the VTAC offer round for your application is made.

After registering your preferences

We'll provide you a confirmation of your exam date and instructions on how to connect with our team on the day via email. Please make sure you bring photo ID and have your student ID or VTAC number ready at the start of the test. If you’re unable to attend your exam date after receiving your confirmation, please contact us to change your exam date (subject to availability).


The MEA will cover some of the following topics including general mathematical mechanics (e.g. rearranging formulae, solving equations), indices, domain and range, differentiation (including the chain, product and quotient rules), integration, algebra (including matrices), tangents and normals, probability, periodic functions and modelling.

You can also refer to the following textbooks:

  • VCE Mathematical Methods Units 1&2
  • VCE Mathematical Methods Units 3&4 by Evans et al.
  • Queensland Maths B (may not cover every topic)
  • UK A Level Maths (may not cover every topic).

Exam calendar

Please note: the MEA has been temporarily suspended for 2022. The final test for the year was held 27 January 2022.

The MEA will be conducted over Zoom (free to use) at 6pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) or Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) depending on the time of year. The following dates may be available:

  • 27 January 2022

Note: Please ensure you have applied for your Deakin course as early as possible as you may not be able to sit your preferred MEA date if the application has not been finalised. If your application has not been finalised, you may be required to sit an alternative MEA date.


There are two possible outcomes from sitting the MEA:

  • Satisfactory: You have met the mathematics prerequisite for your chosen course.
  • Unsatisfactory or no attempt: You have not met the mathematics prerequisite for your chosen course, however, will be provided with information for alternative ways to meet the mathematics prerequisite.

What's next?

Domestic students

Please apply for your chosen course through the Deakin Application Portal or through the VTAC website. Not sure where to start? Visit our How to apply page to learn more.

International students

Applications for your chosen course can be made through Deakin International. For more information on the Admission Criteria and Selection Policy please refer to The Guide.

Current students

Please apply for a course transfer if you would like to transfer from your current Deakin course.

Complete the registration form

After you have applied for your chosen course, complete the MEA registration form to indicate your exam date preferences.

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International students
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