Circular Economy Initiative

Generating sustainable processes, products and waste solutions

The Circular Economy Initiative aims to drive accelerated, scalable pathways from the laboratory to commercially ready solutions for new circular materials and technologies.

How our research creates a sustainable future

Waste is now a critical problem for all industries. In response, we’re generating sustainable processes, products and waste solutions to drive the transition to a circular and sustainable economy.

Strengthening Victoria’s economy

The Circular Economy Initiative will strengthen Victoria’s future by delivering new materials, technologies and processes to help design out waste and reduce waste management costs. Our strategic research and development partnerships aim to enhance collaboration and industry growth.

Join us to drive the transition to a circular economy

Our research areas

The Circular Economy Initiative brings together world-class researchers across various disciplines at Deakin and CSIRO. Our research focuses on working with manufacturing supply chains across five key development streams: fibre and textiles, organics, carbon fibre and composites, advanced alloys and energy materials.

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Food and agriculture

Addresses the food waste issue by transforming food or agriculture waste into high-value products using a bio-refinery approach.

Textiles and fashion

Develops new materials and processes to prolong the life of textiles and novel ways to repurpose and recycle textile waste.


Investigates the repurposing, processing and recycling of alloys and metals to create products with retained value over multiple life cycles.

Carbon fibre

Leads the development of market-ready solutions for the recycling of carbon fibre and its by-products.


Seeks to re-design batteries for increased safety, repurpose batteries for next life and other innovative applications, and recycle and recover valuable metals.

Help us create a sustainable future

Work on innovative projects and help drive the transition from the current linear waste process to a circular and sustainable economy.

Moving to a sustainable future requires new advanced green manufacturing practices that utilise waste as a valuable input resource rather than simply discarding it.

Alfred Deakin Professor Colin Barrow

Chair in Biotechnology

Our facilities

The Centre for Economy Initiative provides opportunities for industry to accelerate the development and commercialisation of advanced circular technologies and products. We’re located within the industrial-scale processing facility at the Geelong Future Economy Precinct.

Facility for circular economy principles

Facility for circular economy principles

We are establishing a modular, pilot scale facility at Deakin‘s Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus to develop novel ways to maximise value from end-of-life materials. Deakin and CSIRO will leverage their globally recognised research and development in materials science and engineering.

Carbon Nexus

Carbon Nexus

Deakin’s Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus is home to Carbon Nexus, the world’s most advanced carbon fibre and composite research facility. This facility supports the transition to advanced manufacturing and smart system growth.

Our partnerships

Through partnerships with local industry and government, we aim to expedite the pace and innovation needed to build a true circular economy. Deakin and CSIRO will continue to expand collaboration with local companies and build on existing international research partnerships with China, the US and Europe.

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