Our partners

Partnerships are at the core of our school.

Whether our partners are helping to create our curriculum, hosting students on a placement or implementing our research findings, our school wouldn't be what it is without them.

About our partnership network

The School of Health and Social Development has links with universities around the world for academic collaborations and student exchange. We also have a wide range of industry partners who offer students applied research opportunities and work placements. Dynamic dialogues between teaching and research, and strong engagement between the school, industry and local communities are critical to improving population health and social wellbeing.

Partners in research

Staff at the School of Health and Social Development engage in collaborative research with organisations across a wide range of sectors. This includes government, health and human service organisations, business and community organisations. Our researchers, working in collaboration with partner organisations, conduct research projects which focus on the importance of positive health and wellbeing outcomes that advance the equality of individuals and communities.

We have joint research appointments with Western Health and KidsPlus. Our staff and our Higher Degree Research students are active members of the Institute for Health Transformation, which provides an intensive research environment across determinants of health, health economics and obesity prevention.

International partners

International partners

We have well-established partnerships with international agencies and universities in India, Fiji, Denmark, United Kingdom and Canada. Student exchange programs are available with several European universities.

Experience in the workplace

Students studying occupational therapy, social work, play therapy and public health and health promotion complete their placements at local healthcare centres. Placements are conducted under the supervision of a qualified practitioner in a range of settings, including schools, hospitals, clinics, community health organisations, the human services sector and industry.

Practical experience also provides the opportunity for our health sciences, public health and health promotion students to gain important knowledge and skills under the supervision of qualified professionals. Work-integrated learning enables students to start building professional networks while putting knowledge and skills to use in a practical setting. By combining a strong theoretical base with hands-on learning in the field, our graduates are confident and work-ready.

We partner with many diverse organisations in Australia and around the world, to give students as much choice in their placement as possible.

Contact us

If you would like to connect with the School of Health and Social Development to collaborate across research projects or work-integrated learning experiences, please get in touch.