CASS (Consumer-Analytical-Safety-Sensory) Food Research Centre

Our vision

CASS's vision is to make sustainable and healthier foods the preferred choice of consumers.

Our objective is to identify and train students who show an interest in consumer, sensory, food safety and analytical science, and provide them with the opportunity to participate in different areas of industry-relevant research.

Our mission

Our team works towards:

  • conducting the highest-quality consumer, sensory, safety and flavour research
  • collaborating widely with the Australian food industry and government
  • educating the next generation of food scientists
  • promoting consumer, sensory, food safety and flavour analysis research both within Australia and internationally.

Our team

We have a number of widely published, highly esteemed researchers and PhD candidates working hard to deliver advanced knowledge and industry-relevant sensory and consumer science.

Our staff

Professor Russell Keast Head of the CASS Food Research Centre
Professor Keast has over 15 years experience in conducting sensory studies. He specialises in the association between taste, consumption and enjoyment.
Associate Professor Robert ShellieAssociate Professor, Food Chemistry and Flavour Science
Robert Shellie’s research focuses on instrumental analysis of flavour compounds in food and beverages. He specialises in new techniques development to enhance flavour analysis capabilities.
Associate Professor Gie LiemSenior Lecturer
Dr Liem has worked in the food industry and research institutes in the Netherlands and the US. His research focus is the food choices of children and cross-cultural research.
Dr Snehal JadhavLecturer in Food Safety
Dr Jadhav has experience in working on food industry-based projects in the area of food safety and microbial omics. Her current research focuses on using proteomics and metabolomics approaches to solve issues around food quality, spoilage and contamination.
Dr Georgie RussellLecturer in Food Innovation
Dr Georgie Russell’s work looks at understanding and influencing consumer behaviours with a focus on psychosocial factors and how these interact with foods, food products, biological and situational factors to affect food product choice, perception and dietary patterns.
Dr Andrew Costanzo

Lecturer in Nutrition Science
Dr Costanzo has a background in nutrition and physiology, with previous research looking at the influence of genetics and diet on taste function. His current research interest is on how taste function can be utilised to increase the satiating effect of foods, therefore reducing excessive food consumption and obesity.

Dr Shirani GamlathLecturer in Product Development
Shirani Gamlath’s research interests are in designing healthy and sustainable food products. Shirani has expertise in food processing mainly in food extrusion technology and product development in plant based products.
Simone LewinProject Manager, Associate Research Fellow

Researchers and PhD candidates

PhD candidate
Celeste Chapple
Sensory immersion in virtual environments and the influence on consumer perception, choice and consumption of healthy and unhealthy foods
PhD candidate
Kathryn Colla 
Measuring dynamics of liking: laboratory versus real-life environments using advanced sensory techniques
PhD candidate
Tanweer Gondal 
Identification, characterisation, consumer acceptance and preference mapping of aroma compounds in brown and white rice from Australian cultivars
PhD candidate
Bella Hartley 
Investigating umami as a basic taste and the association with diet and genetics
PhD candidate
Claudia Hartley 
The association between carbohydrate taste and performance
PhD candidate
Jookyeong Lee
The influence of oral tactile acuity on food texture acceptance in fussiness of children aged 5 to 12 years
PhD candidate Dipendra Kumar MahatoThe impact of sugar reduction on the consumer acceptance, physicochemical properties and microbial safety of flavoured milk
PhD Candidate
Agnes Mukurumbira
Investigation of plant-based antimicrobials for applications in food packaging
PhD Candidate
Manuel Rigo
Top-down and bottom-up processing in children's food choice and consumption
PhD Candidate
Heng Wan Sin (Valarie) 
Rapid detection of bacteria in contaminated foods using gas-chromatography

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