Learning at Deakin through COVID-19

As a leader in digital learning, we know our students value Deakin's connected and engaging online study environment and we also understand that many students are looking forward to attending campus. We will tailor learning experiences for each course to achieve the best possible mix of online and on-campus activities that supports diverse learners.

We're excited to welcome students back on campus in Trimester 1

We want to assure all commencing students that as Deakin works towards COVID-Normal in 2021, you'll be able to take part in on-campus learning activities, particularly for hands-on, skills-based learning experiences. Deakin will combine online and on-campus activities, to ensure a COVIDSafe campus and adhere to government restrictions.

Classes (lectures) will remain online and seminars, practicals, labs, studios and experiential learning will be on-campus wherever possible, with COVIDSafe measures in place. We are working with our teaching teams to create new on-campus opportunities for learning and collaboration with your peers where possible within the constraints. Placements and work experience, including work-integrated learning and internships, will be provided as required to meet professional registration requirements and unit learning outcomes.

In 2021, you can look forward to experiencing campus life, meeting new classmates and learning in our world-class facilities – both online and at our physical campuses.

We're here to help

We've curated some questions our future student advisers are asked most frequently to help you navigate learning at Deakin through COVID-19.

Can I apply to study?

Yes. All courses starting in our next intake in March – Trimester 1, 2021 – are open for application. If you've chosen the course you'd like to study, you can apply directly via our application portal. If you're a Year 12 student, you'll need to apply via VTAC.

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I want to study on campus, can I apply?

Yes. All campus-based and online courses available in Trimester 1, 2021 are continuing undisrupted. Deakin will combine online and on-campus activities, to ensure a COVIDSafe campus and adhere to government restrictions.

Can I apply for online and campus-based courses?

Yes. Applications for all courses in Trimester 1, 2021 are now open, regardless of whether they're online or on campus. It's important that you apply for your preferred course at your preferred campus. For example, if you're interested in studying the Bachelor of Science, not usually available online, select your preferred campus in your application. While your studies will commence online, as soon as social distancing measures are relaxed, we'll support you to transition back to campus-based learning.

Can I continue online after campus-based teaching resumes?

If the course you applied for is not usually available online, you'll be supported in your transition back to campus-based learning at your preferred campus. We'll make our best efforts to limit disruption and keep you informed on all changes to delivery. If you applied to study on campus, but find you enjoy studying online and wish to continue learning in this way, you'll need to transfer to our Cloud Campus.

If you're enrolled in an online course, learning will continue online. Remember, all Deakin courses incorporate some element of online learning.

How will practical learning work online?

As Deakin works towards COVID-Normal in 2021, there will be opportunities for on-campus learning activities at all campuses, particularly for hands-on, skills-based learning experiences. Practicals, labs, studios and experiential learning will be on-campus wherever possible, with COVIDSafe measures in place.

Am I able to start an online course at any time?

The next intake for all our courses is Trimester 1, 2021, which commences early March. If you'd like to start studying earlier, we offer some short courses, with varying intakes. Visit Short courses for more information.

Are online courses the same as their on-campus equivalent?

Absolutely. Classes, exams, course material, teachers and placement opportunities are exactly the same for all students regardless of whether you're studying online or on campus. This applies to your degree when you graduate too – it holds the same merit, irrespective of how, where and when you earned it.

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