Staff listing

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School Executive

Head of School
Professor Matt Delbridge

School Manager
Hwee-Ting Lee

Associate Head of School (Teaching and Learning)
Professor Cassandra Atherton

Associate Head of School (International and Partnerships)
Simon Wilmot

Associate Head of School (Research)
Associate Professor Emily Potter

Head of Academic Group (Communication) 
Professor Matthew Ricketson

Head of Academic Group (Writing, Literature and Culture) 
Associate Professor Ann Vickery

Head of Academic Group (Screen and Design) 
Dr Russell Kennedy

SCCA HDR Coordinators
Dr Toija Cinque

SCCA Professoriate Group Representative
Associate Professor Geoff Boucher

Director, Deakin Motion Lab
Professor Stefan Greuter

Academic staff

Art and performance


Screen and design

Writing, Literature and Culture

Honorary fellows

Honorary associate professors

Associate Professor Rodney Giblett
Associate Professor Rob Haysom
Adjunct Associate Professor Dave King
Adjunct Professor Alexandra McCrea
Adjunct Associate Professor Katharine Murphy
Adjunct Professor Nadia Tass