Intermitting your scholarship

If you are thinking about intermitting your current scholarship you should be aware that not all scholarships may be intermitted. We recommend that you contact to confirm your circumstances.

Intermitting a Commonwealth Scholarship

After your first trimester of enrolment you may intermit your Commonwealth Scholarships (CS) entitlement for up to 12 months, but on resumption of your studies you must demonstrate that you have maintained your eligibility to receive the scholarship.

What to do

Once you have confirmed with the Scholarships and Financial Assistance Office that your scholarship may be intermitted, you will need to download a copy of the Intermission of scholarship (PDF, 217KB)  form and email it to

The Scholarships and Financial Assistance Office will contact you confirming your scholarship has been intermitted.

You will be required to advise the Scholarships and Financial Assistance Office in writing when you resume your studies or course load. If you do not advise the Scholarships and Financial Assistance office your scholarship may be terminated.

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