Re-enrolment - frequently asked questions

Questions and answers about re-enrolment for students continuing their studies at Deakin University

Follow your Course rules and structure

Most courses have a course map. The course maps are a visual tool to help you understand your course rules and structure. Generally, you'll follow the course rules in the University Handbook for the version of your course in the year you started.

For example, if you started studying your course in 2019, refer back to the 2019 Handbook for the course rules, but the 2023 Handbook to see current unit availability.

To search for units offered in 2023, search in the 2023 Handbook.

  • Use a course map to help plan your study.
  • Ensure you complete any compulsory/core units.
  • Consider prerequisite units, these are units which must be completed before enrolment in some units.
  • Consider co-requisite units, these are units which must be completed before or at the same time as some units.

Who can help with choosing units and course planning?

A Student Adviser can help. You can get course advice by phone, email or in person. They can help with course planning and explain course rules and requirements and help you choose the right units.

Does your course have a major, minor or specialisation?

If your course requires a major, minor or specialisation, you should take the time to add this during your re-enrolment steps. If you aren't sure, it's a great idea to talk to a Student Adviser who can help you work this out.

Remember that adding a major, minor or specialisation just tells us what you plan this to be. You still select the units you need for the major, minor or specialisation in the Units screen in StudentConnect.

If you ever want to change or check on your progress towards a major, minor or specialisation, you can do this in the Course and unit details screen in StudentConnect.

Visit the Majors, minors or specialisations site for more information.

Intermitting your course or returning from intermission?

If you are currently intermitted and plan to return in 2023 you must re-enrol to ensure you keep your place in your course. It is important to re-enrol for both Trimester/Semester 1 and Trimester/Semester 2 in 2023.

If you plan to intermit, you should submit your request through StudentConnect using the menu option 'Intermit or discontinue from course'. If you are only intermitting for one study period, make sure you re-enrol for other study periods. For example, if you are intermitting for Trimester 1 2023, make sure you re-enrol for Trimester 2 2023.

If you have intermitted for any trimester and then want to return early from intermission, contact a Student Adviser.

Find out more about how to intermit or discontinue your course.

Intending to apply for a course transfer?

If you have applied for or intend to apply for a course transfer at the end of the current trimester, still re-enrol in your existing course within the deadlines to make sure you keep your place. If you are approved for a course transfer, your enrolment will be altered when your application is processed.

What if you are a Higher Degree by Research student?

Higher Degree by Research students do not need to re-enrol. Deakin Research will manage this process for you.

Who can I speak to about general study support?

There is always help available. A good place to start is with a Student Adviser. They can help you decide on units and check to make sure you are progressing through your course.

For study skills or health and wellbeing support on a campus, or online, visit;

I don't think I can complete my course in 2022 before my student visa expires, what do I do?

You should contact Student Central for advice on your unit selection for 2023. They can also see if there is room for you to undertake additional unit/s in Trimester 3 2022 or 2023.

I am unsure if I should enrol part time (1 or 2 unit/s) or full time (3 or 4 unit/s), what do I do?

This will depend on your circumstances and whether your course requires full time enrolment. Students receiving Australian government support (Centrelink) are required to maintain a full time study load.

Students receiving sponsorship or scholarships are normally required to maintain a full time enrolment load. If you are unsure please contact Student Central for assistance.


Who should re-enrol?

If you are a continuing student and haven't yet completed all your course requirements, you must re-enrol through StudentConnect for the following academic year.

What if I want to take a break from studying?

You may need to take a break from study and intermit your course. To intermit, visit the Intermit or discontinue page and read through the information. You can apply to intermit through StudentConnect.

Intermission helps keep your place at Uni and means you'll keep your study on track.

What if I fail a unit, studying in Trimester 3 2022 or waiting on results?

You should re-enrol even if you think you have failed a unit or units or are waiting on results.

Base your unit selection on the assumption that you will pass.

If unfortunately you don't pass a unit, we'll notify you of changes you'll need to make to your 2023 enrolment.

Discuss your choices with a Student Adviser at Student Central to help you enrol in the units that are right for you.

I want to see how I go in Trimester 2 this year before I re-enrol for next year. Is that possible?

You need to re-enrol by the deadline to ensure you do not incur a late fee or lose your place in the course. Once you have re-enrolled, you will still have time to modify your Trimester 1 enrolment for next year, up to the week before Trimester 1 begins.

Do I enrol in Trimester/Semester 1 and Trimester/Semester 2 as well?

Yes, you must enrol in both Trimester 1 and Trimester 2 if you plan to study all year. This helps us to plan our timetabling, staffing and resources.

You can enrol in Trimester 3 units if you'd like but Trimester 3 is only compulsory for Optometry students.

Remember that you should plan for the entire year, you can always change your enrolment if you need to during the year. Keep in mind that there are dates and deadlines to add or remove units.

When can I enrol in Trimester 3 for next year?

You can enrol in Trimester 3 next year from the September of the previous year.

I am waiting on a course transfer outcome/another offer, what do I do?

You must re-enrol within the given dates for re-enrolment, even while waiting for the outcome of your course transfer or other application. If you are approved for a course transfer, your enrolment will be altered when your application is processed.

I am completing my course this year. Why I am getting a re-enrolment notice?

We send out re-enrolment notices to students who are not completing in the current year, according to our records.

If you receive a re-enrolment notice and believe you are finishing your course in the current year, check your course progression on StudentConnect (choose Course and unit details then Course completion progress).The course progress information tells you which units you still need to complete before finishing your course.

StudentConnect related questions

What is Deakin’s preferred web browser for StudentConnect?

Whether using a mobile phone, tablet or a computer, Deakin recommends you use Google Chrome for StudentConnect.

When I log in I see 'self-serve enrolment not available...'?

Self enrolment services are not currently available for your course(s). If you want to check your current enrolment record go to courses. If you need further help, contact a Student Adviser.

There are a number of reasons this message appears. Examples of possible reasons are:

  • encumbrances (for outstanding fees) on your student record
  • new Confirmation of Enrolment required (international students).

Please contact Student Central so they can advise you.

I cannot seem to proceed to the next step?

Please ensure you save the page you are on, before trying to proceed to the next step. There can be a few reasons StudentConnect is not letting you move forward:

  • Missing information. Please check you have provided all the mandatory responses on the page.
  • Rule breaches happen when there is some problem with the units you have selected on the unit step. The combination or some other factor may not comply with course rules. The rule breach explains what the issue is with the units you have selected. You may need to remove a unit from your list or select an alternative unit. We would recommend you note down the units you selected and then click the undo all changes button. This will delete all the units you added previously and allow you to start again.

If you are still unable to proceed to the next screen after deleting the units and starting again, or after trying to rectify the missing information, please contact Student Central for further assistance.

Help with re-enrolling online

Once you have re-enrolled go back into StudentConnect and check your enrolment is confirmed.


If you see a rule breach in StudentConnect, check the information at Rule breaches and invalid units or speak to a Student Adviser.

What if you just aren’t quite sure about whether to study?

It's best to keep your options open. You can always withdraw from a unit if you need to, but by re-enrolling on time, you won't risk losing your place at Uni.

Keep in mind the dates and deadlines in the 2023 Handbook to withdraw from a unit or course each study period.

Who can help?

Changing your personal or course details

My citizenship/residency status has changed. How do I let you know?

As you are currently enrolled at Deakin your action will differ depending on the change you are making:

  • If you are changing from an International student to a permanent resident you need to apply for a course transfer and include a certified copy of your change of residency documents to Student Central. Once processed you will need to complete the eCAF in StudentConnect for HECS-HELP (if applicable).
  • If you are changing from a permanent resident to an Australian citizen you need to produce a certified copy of your citizenship certificate to Student Central. Once processed you will need to complete the eCAFs in StudentConnect for HECS-HELP/FEE-HELP and/or SA-HELP.

I am thinking about taking a break from study, what do I do?

You should still re-enrol in case your application for intermission is denied. You should also be aware of the census dates.

If you are considering an intermission, consult a Student Adviser so you can be aware of any follow on effects your break period may have. To apply you select the option to intermit in the left hand menu of StudentConnect.

I want to study unit(s) at another university. How do I do this?

What you do depends on whether you wish to study in Australia or overseas:

I don’t want to study this course. What do I do?

Before you make any decision, you might want to talk to a Student Adviser in Student Central to discuss your options. You could:

Questions about fees for re-enrolment

What are the CSP tuition fee rates for 2023?

The 2023 estimated tuition fees for Commonwealth supported places (CSP) are not currently available.

The 2023 estimated CSP tuition fees will be updated on our website and within our handy Fee Estimator as soon as possible.

What are the full fee rates for 2023?

The 2023 full fee course rates for domestic and international students are currently available within our handy Fee Estimator.

What happens if I discontinue my course and decide to readmit later?

If you discontinue from your course and later readmit back into the same course, or if you commence a new course, you will be charged the fee rates applicable to commencing students at that time.

Do I need to pay my fees once I have re-enrolled for 2023?

You don't need to pay your fees for 2023 immediately after you have re-enrolled. You should review the 2023 Handbook for the date invoices are available on StudentConnect. Please view your invoice and ensure you make your payment by the required invoice due date.

Getting help

Where can I get help to select units?

If you have checked your course outline and referred to the University Handbook and are still not sure what units to select, contact your Student Adviser for help.

My unit does not appear on CloudDeakin/DeakinSync. What do I do?

  • If you enrolled today then your unit will not appear in CloudDeakin until after midnight.
  • If you think you enrolled earlier than today double check StudentConnect to make sure you are enrolled properly.  If not, make sure you are enrolled in the unit here.  If there is a problem enrolling in the unit (eg you get a rule breach) consult your Student Adviser.
  • If you are enrolled properly the unit may not have a CloudDeakin presence.  Check if this is the case with your Unit Chair.

Why is my course showing as 'INACTIVE' in StudentConnect?

If your course is showing as 'INACTIVE' it can mean a variety of things.

Usually it means you are not enrolled in the current Trimester/Semester.

For example, if you:

  • have re-enrolled for next year AND
  • have already received your Trimester 2 results for this year AND
  • are not enrolled in a unit for Trimester 3 this year, your course status will change to INACTIVE and will then change back to ENROLLED on the first day of your next enrolled trimester.

I have an issue with my timetable. Help?

The Timetabling (STAR) page has lots of information to help you out.

I need help about graduation. Where do I go?

Visit the Graduation page for the information on registering to graduate and other general graduation information.

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