Our distinctive suite of scholarships recognise where you’ve come from—and where you need to go.

Find a scholarship

You could be eligible for a number of scholarships during your time at Deakin. Browse available scholarships for more information.

Important dates for scholarships

Scholarship payments

Scholarships are generally paid in two instalments—Trimester 1 and 2. Your eligibility to receive your scholarship payment needs to be checked.

Find out about:

  • International student bursary payments
  • Cash payments
  • Student contributions/tuition fees
  • Financial hardship eligibility

Intermitting your scholarship

If you are thinking about suspending your current scholarship you should be aware that not all scholarships may be intermitted.

  • What you need to do
  • Intermitting a Commonwealth Scholarship

FAQ's about scholarships

Common questions and answers about scholarship applications and offers including:

  • When will my scholarship be paid?
  • I've applied for a scholarship. When will I find out if I am successful?
  • I'm having trouble apply for a scholarship through the applicant portal
  • What do scholarships pay?
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