Scholarship payments

When will my scholarship be paid?

Your eligibility to receive your scholarship payment needs to be checked. These checks can only occur after census date when your enrolment for the trimester is confirmed. Scholarships are generally paid in two instalments - Trimester/Semester 1 and 2, unless stated otherwise in your offer letter or terms and conditions.

When are payments made?

Scholarship payments for each trimester/semester are made progressively within 4 weeks after the census date for selected scholarships only and once eligibility is confirmed.

Census dates:

  • Trimester and Semester 1: March 31
  • Trimester and Semester 2: August 15
  • Trimester 3: December 15

Cash payments

If your scholarship makes a cash payment, the payment will be made directly to your nominated bank account within 4 weeks after census date for selected scholarships only.

Student contributions/tuition fees

If your scholarship is for part or all of your student contributions, payment will be applied directly to your fee account within 4 weeks after census date for selected scholarships only. An online invoice will be generated detailing the full cost of your course.

Part-time students

Scholarships held by students who are enrolled part-time are generally taxable and may need to be declared as taxable income. For more information on whether or not your scholarship is taxable please go to the Scholarship page on the ATO website.

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