Building a respectful community

Safety and respect are central to our university’s culture.

What you can expect at Deakin University

A respectful community

A culture and environment based on safety and respect to ensure all students and staff feel protected and supported.

A commitment to change attitudes and behaviours
Through education and leadership, we will embed a culture in our organisation that aims to prevent inappropriate behaviour and encourage students and staff to speak up and act if an incident occurs, while also respecting victims’ rights to privacy and confidentiality.

Deakin is committed to being a learning and working environment that is a place of safety and respect. Every member of our community is expected to ensure our working, education and residential environments are free from sexual and interpersonal violence and harassment.

Prevention strategies
Deakin has a number of prevention strategies in place to promote respectfulness and challenge inappropriate behaviour.

Specialist staff
Deakin has specialist staff trained in responding to serious incidents and providing the appropriate support and privacy to victims and cooperates with Victoria Police by assisting with enquiries and investigations.

Ongoing education, supported by policies and procedures to ensure consistent and appropriate handling of disclosures. Obtaining prevalence data will be a key focus to inform improvements.

About Deakin services

Safer Community

Central point of enquiry for information, advice and support in managing problem behaviours that have, or could, cause offence, fear or trauma (physical and or psychological). These behaviours can compromise the safety of members of the Deakin Community and are therefore a priority for the University to address.


24/7 security presence on campus and residences, including escort service

Counselling services

We provide free confidential psychological support to students and staff. Counselling staff also deliver Mental Health First Aid training.

Specialist sexual assault counsellors attend campuses one day a week. The CASA counsellors also deliver training on “Responding to Sexual Assault”

Medical Centres

The health and wellbeing of our students and staff matter to Deakin. We provide confidential medical services on all campuses.

Student concerns and complaints officer

If you’re not happy about something, we want to work with you to resolve it.

Equity and Diversity professionals, advocacy, programs and services

We run a number of programs and events to support a university culture that is diverse, accessible and inclusive.

Harassment and Discrimination Contact Officers

The University has over 75 HDCOs trained to assist staff and students with concerns about discrimination, sexual harm and bullying

Disability Resource Centre

We’re inclusive and want all students to be supported to participate fully in university life. The Disability Resource Centre can also work with HR to support workplace adjustments if you’re a member of staff.

DUSA - representation and welfare officers

Free confidential, Independent advice

SafeZone App

A free app for staff and students connecting to the Deakin Security team help is needed on campus.

Deakin Residential Services

Education And Prevention

  • Hunting Ground screenings 
  • Staff trained by Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA) 
  • Compulsory staff Harassment and Discrimination training
  • International students orientation to culture, behavioural standards and norms including emphasis on available support.
  • Program to promote bystander engagement among students including “You the Man” play performances
  • Health promotion events, including Health and Wellbeing Week, ESSENCE Week
  • White Ribbon Day

Culture, Policy And Procedures

  • Equity and Diversity policy
  • Health, Wellbeing and Safety policy
  • Risk and Compliance Management policy
  • Staff Code of Conduct
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Lease / Licence agreement for Residential students contains strong clauses on behavioural standards
  • Student Complaints Resolution Policy
  • General Misconduct Regulations
  • Enterprise Agreement and HR Policies relating to staff conduct.
  • Critical Incident Management Procedures
  • Guidelines for responding to someone disclosing sexual harm

Deakin Student Legal Service

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