Induction and Candidature


In the early stages of your candidature induction programs will be arranged for you.

Deakin Research Induction is mandatory for students who commenced on or after 31 October 2016. This induction will help you get started and set you up for a more successful candidature. It covers topics such as candidature milestones, where to get help and policies and procedures.

Your School, Faculty or Institute will also provide induction which includes a guide to the nature of research in your field, a description of the facilities available in the School and elsewhere in the University and the School program of seminars.

Preparing your Candidature Engagement Form

The Candidature Engagement Form is an important document which is completed and uploaded into your Individual Learning Plan (ILP) within the first month of your candidature. The form provides a list of important items for discussion between yourself and your supervisory team to ensure that certain requirements pertaining to your research project have been discussed and understood at the commencement of your candidature.


A team of at least two appropriately qualified supervisors will be established and maintained for each student on the recommendation of the Head of School and PVC or Institute Director. Supervision teams must include either a principal or an executive supervisor


Confirmation is a milestone early in candidature. This involves preparing a written document and presenting it to a panel of experts in your field who assess your capability to complete the degree within the specified candidature time limit. You will be questioned on the content of your presentation and have an opportunity to gain valuable feedback.

Changes to candidature

Changes to candidature includes changes to your load, mode or location, research topic, duration or applying for intermission. These changes can be sought by completing an online form. You will receive an email when the form is completed, with a link to view the form. You can also view the progress of the form online.

Candidature FAQs for Students.

Annual review

All students need to demonstrate satisfactory progress on an annual basis in order to be able to continue their candidature. For those on a scholarship, satisfactory progress is also a condition of scholarship continuation.

Annual Review - FAQs for supervisors

Annual Review - FAQs for students


All research degree candidates are encouraged to publish their work in refereed journals.

Online forms

Students wanting to make changes to their research degree candidature or scholarship will need to complete one or more of the student online forms.

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