Reduced Study Load

Can I reduce my study load in T1 and T2 2021?

We encourage International students to complete their course within the expected duration specified on your CoE. This requires you to study eight credit points during each academic year to enable you to complete your course within their CoE course duration.

However due to the impact of COVID-19, the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) has provided advice on arrangements and flexibility for the 2021 academic year. International students are permitted to undertake fewer than eight credit points, or equivalent, during this period without requiring individual approval for a reduced study load.

From 2022, it is anticipated students will be required to complete eight units per academic year, or equivalent. This will be reviewed towards the end of 2021 or until any further advise from TEQSA.

Please keep up to date on the most recent information on the impact of COVID-19 on study for international students on Deakin’s COVID-19 (coronavirus) FAQs – International students.

Can I reduce my study load in T3 2021?

You can spread your units during three trimesters subject to availability of units. You must follow your course plan provided by the Student Adviser. If you have commenced your course in trimester 3, this is a compulsory trimester for you. If you plan to reduce your study load, you must discuss your plan with a Student Adviser at Student Central for an approval and obtain a new course plan.

For continuing international students, usually Trimester 3 is not a compulsory study period unless it is required under your course structure. If Trimester 3 is not a compulsory requirement for your course, you are not required to enrol in Trimester 3 but you need to ensure to follow your course plan and complete your course by the course end date specified on your CoE. If you are required to reduce your study load due to compassionate and compelling circumstances, you must get this approved by a Student Adviser at Student Central and get a new course plan.

From 2022, if you have deliberately under-enrolled during compulsory trimesters without faculty approval and did not add units in Trimester 3 to cover your under-enrolment, you may not be entitled for a new CoE to extend your student visa later. In this situation, you will have an option to transfer to ‘Off-Campus’ mode and complete your degree from your home country.

Do I have to apply for intermission in T3?

For continuing international students, usually Trimester 3 is not a compulsory study period unless it is compulsory requirement of your course structure therefore you are not required to apply for an intermission. However, if Trimester 3 is compulsory in your course structure or you have commenced your course in Trimester 3, this becomes a compulsory trimester for you therefore you are required to apply for an intermission.

Your intermission will only be approved if there are compassionate and compelling circumstances, beyond your control. If you want to apply for intermission, you will have to discuss your request with a Course Adviser at Student Central for further information.

For further information and how to apply intermission please refer to

I am not on a Student visa but on a different type of temporary resident visa, can I reduce my study load?

If you are on a TR visa such as a temporary graduate visa, you do not have the same study restrictions as a student on a student visa (subclass 500).

You are considered an international student for fee purposes only and you can reduce your study load in all 3 trimesters. Please keep in mind, reducing your study load may result in you taking longer to complete your course.

Students should ensure they meet the visa conditions outlined in their visa grant notice at all times. You can check your visa conditions on your VEVO account or by downloading the myVEVO app.

Please feel free to view the Visa FAQs.

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