International students who wish to discontinue from their course at Deakin and transfer to another provider must apply for a discontinuation of study only via StudentConnect.

What is discontinuation?

Discontinuing (or withdrawing) from your course is a serious matter. It means that you no longer wish to study your course and you want to give it up permanently. There are a number of important University dates that you need to be aware of. These dates will affect your fee liability and any refund that you may be due. Discontinuing after the census date will usually result in no refund.

Will discontinuation affect my visa?

Discontinuing form your course may result in cancellation of your student visa.

When you discontinue your course, Deakin is required to cancel your CoE and advise the Department of Home Affairs that you are no longer studying. At Deakin, your CoE will be reported on the next business day after you discontinue your study. If you intend to remain in Australia, you are expected to have a new offer and CoE within 28 days of the date of the cancellation of your Deakin CoE. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of your student visa.

Note: If you intend to return to your home country after you discontinue your Deakin course, you will not require a new offer and CoE from another provider, but you should plan to leave Australia within 28 days to ensure that your student visa is not cancelled.

If you intend to transfer to another provider after you discontinue your course at Deakin, you need to be aware of your visa conditions. If you entered Australia under the Streamlined Visa Processing (SVP program and you wish to change to a non-SVP eligible provider, you may experience visa problems.

We strongly recommend that you read the information about changing courses on the the Department of Home Affairs website.

How do I discontinue my course?

Log into StudentConnect and click on the discontinuation link. Follow the prompts to finalise the process.

What happens after I submit my discontinuation application?

Once you submit your application to discontinue your studies, you will be contacted by a Compliance Officer.

All international students who discontinue their studies will be required to attend an exit interview with a Compliance Officer. This can be conducted face-to-face at the Burwood campus or by phone for students at other campuses.

The purpose for the exit interview is to ensure that you are properly advised about the possible impact of the discontinuation on your student visa and other matters. Your discontinuation application will not be finalised until after your exit interview.

Who can I talk to about my discontinuation?

If you want to discontinue your studies because you are experiencing academic issues, you should speak to a Student Adviser before making a decision. Your Student Adviser may be able to offer options that help to minimise the academic burden you are experiencing.

If you wish to discontinue your studies because you are experiencing financial difficulty, you should contact a Financial Assistance Officer who can speak to you about the different types of financial assistance available to students at Deakin. You may also like to discuss your financial issues with the Fees Office.

If you wish to discontinue your studies and transfer to another provider, it is essential that you speak to a Compliance Officer who will advise you about possible impacts on your student visa etc.

If you wish to discontinue your study because you are suffering from adjustment issues, loneliness, homesickness or other personal reasons, contact Student Central for assistance prior to discontinuing your course.

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