Whether you're finishing your studies or showing your support from the crowd, here's everything you need to know about graduating at Deakin – from getting to the ceremony to what you need to do before the big day.

Live ceremony videos

You can experience every ceremony live from Costa Hall, Geelong. Past ceremonies are also available. Live streaming will begin a few minutes before each ceremony.

Experience the graduation ceremony

Graduation day at Deakin

Follow the action of a Graduation Ceremony at Deakin University. You’ll see our Graduands arrive for their ceremony and follow them as they register and are robed in gowns and trenchers.

Graduation dates

Trimester of Completion Ceremony DateVenue Registration
Trimester 2 2019 **11 - 19 February 2020Costa HallOpen: 11 Nov 2019
Close: 20 Dec 2019 
Trimester 2 2019 *27 February 2020Lighthouse TheatreOpen: 11 Nov 2019
Close: 20 Dec 2019
Trimester 3 2019 - ceremonies cancelled^23 - 24 June 2020 in absentiaCosta HallAll students deemed eligible by Friday, 22 May will be graduated in absentia
Trimester 1 20206 - 9 
October 2020
Costa HallOpen: 26 June 2020
Close: 14 Aug 2020
Trimester 2 2020 (International students only)8 - 9 December 2020Costa HallOpen: 28 Sep 2020
Close: 6 Nov 2020
Semester 2 2020 
(School of Medicine)
8 - 9 December 2020Costa HallOpen: 28 Sep 2020
Close: 6 Nov 2020

* Warrnambool graduates only
** Burwood, Geelong and Cloud graduates

Please note:

  • ^ Due to the current restrictions around COVID-19, the June round of graduations have been cancelled.
    There is no requirement to register for the June graduations as all students deemed eligible by Friday, 22 May 2020 will be graduated in absentia and have your testamur mailed to your postal address.
    If you who wish to attend a graduation ceremony, you will be given the opportunity to do so once the University can resume normal business.
  • These dates are indicative only.
  • Students who have not completed their course requirements and received their final results by the result release date of their final trimester may not be eligible to graduate in the ceremony round listed above against their trimester of completion. In this instance, graduation may be deferred to the next available ceremony round after all results have been released.
  • Deakin University reserves the right to change the schedule as required.
  • The University accepts no responsibility for any reliance placed on the information in the schedule.

Graduation time-lapse

Take a front row seat and watch as a whole graduation ceremony is undertaken, from setup to pack-down, in under two minutes.


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